certificate in leadership

Webinar: Executive Certificate in Leadership information meeting

  •   27.5.2021 – 10:00 to 11:30
  • Online 🌐
The Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership is an in-depth leadership programme for experienced leaders and senior managers with significant leadership responsibilities that helps you improve your leadership knowledge and maximise the performance of your team and organisation.

Executive Certificate in Leadership tuition fee and application

The Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership is scheduled over 7 months with 9.5 days of workshops and 1.5 days of inter- and post-modular learning. Tuition fee The tuition fee for…

Executive Certificate in Leadership benefits

This in-depth leadership programme is suitable for directors and managers with significant leadership responsibilities looking to develop their leadership capabilities and maximise the performance of their team and organisation. Benefits…

Executive Certificate in Leadership learning experience

The Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership is delivered through intense, interactive, full-day workshops, supported by a comprehensive virtual learning environment. Between the workshops, learning takes place through self-study and reflection,…

Executive Certificate in Leadership programme overview

The Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership enables you to become a leader who is both analytical and self-aware, with a strong sense of responsibility; someone who understands how to make…
certificate in leadership

Executive Certificate in Leadership

  • Helsinki 🇫🇮. Duration: 7 months
Designed to develop leaders who are analytical and self-aware, with a strong sense of responsibility; leaders who understand how to make people thrive, and who have the confidence to take the organisation forward.
Too proud to lead - Benjamin Laker - Henley Business School Finland

Webinar: Too proud to lead – a revolutionary approach to leadership

  •   17.6.2021 – 14:00 to 15:00
  • Online 🌐
In the webinar, Professor Benjamin Laker lays out the dangers of arrogant overconfidence for both individuals and organizations, and shares findings from a forthcoming book that examines the economic and psychological costs of this destructive behaviour, boldly arguing for a new, revolutionary approach to leadership.
Leading Edge podcast series - Henley Business School Finland

Leading Edge: 30 minutes to stay sane

  • 20 Apr 2021
Professor David Pendleton gives practical tips on how to survive and thrive, especially when it comes to remote working during lockdown.

The Five Faces of Curiosity

  • 14 Apr 2021
Too often the trappings of professional life hold us back from realising our full potential when it comes to curiosity - and prevent us from achieving the innovative solutions needed to solve the complex challenges of this time.

Great leadership includes being yourself

  • 12 Apr 2021
Much is written about being a good leader. But there is no one right way of leading and authenticity is crucial to being a good leader. One of the best ways to become a good leader is to develop into the kind of leader that suits your interests, values, circumstances and personality.
The Henley Forum Annual Conference 2021 - Henley Business School Finland

The Henley Forum Annual Conference 2021

  •   26 – 29.4.2021
  • Online 🌐
It's been a demanding year and agility has been essential – both personally and organisationally. The world of work is messy but the pandemic has thrown a whole new curve ball. At the Henley Forum 2021 Annual Conference, we will celebrate innovative practice, share the learning and look ahead to the future of work.
MBA info 8.5.2018 - Henley Business School Finland

MA Leadership

  • Henley 🇬🇧. Duration: 21 months
The MA Leadership is a part time programme that will provide an intensive and personal leadership development experience to current and future leaders, with an integrated perspective that inspires with latest leadership thinking, concepts, research and, leading edge leadership practice, and immerses participants in significant practical personal leadership and development.