Henley BusinessClass - Kristiina Helenius and Roger Martin-Fagg - Henley, Helsinki, Suomi

BusinessClass 23.11.2016

  •   23.11.2016 โ€“ 08:15 to 10:00
  • Amcham
In this Henley BusinessClass, Roger Martin-Fagg from Henley Business School will provide insights into how economy really works, what has led us to where we are and also elaborate the possible futures of the EU. Kristiina Helenius, CEO of Amcham and a veteran of country branding and Finlandโ€™s competitiveness, will shed light on how Finland fares today globally.
Would you rub your friends the wrong way? - Henley Business School Finland

Would you rub your friends the wrong way?

  • 13 Oct 2016
In Finland, we have an idiom silittรครค myรถtรคkarvaan, which literally means patting your pet in the direction that the fur grows, or more generally speaking, if you want to please…
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Our programmes encourage you to learn by 'doing' leadership. Become a more confident communicator, lead at a more strategic level, and refine your personal leadership style.
Andrew Kakabadse - Henley Business School Finland

Rethinking future leadership success

  • 12 Sep 2016
Henley Business School brought together top speakers from the UK, US and Finland with Finnish business leaders in a dynamic, learning inspired forum to rethink future leadership success. In the…
Henley Leadership Forum 2016 event review - Henley Business School Finland

Henley Leadership Forum 2016 event review

  • 8 Sep 2016
Political turmoil. Brexit. Economic uncertainty. Finland, like the rest of the world, is facing unforeseen challenges. Exceptional times require exceptional leaders. But what does it take from leaders to showcase…
Andrew Kakabadse - Henley Business School Finland

Speaker of Henley Leadership Forum 2016 – Andrew Kakabadse

  • 4 Aug 2016
Andrew enjoys working across the globe in a variety of capacities. He has consulted and lectured in the UK, Europe, the USA, SE Asia, China, Japan, Russia, Georgia, the Gulf States and Australia. He is currently embarked on a major ยฃ2 million global...