COP26, silence of the leadership development, and the band on the Titanic

  • 23 Nov 2021
Within the leadership development community, we know we hit the iceberg of climate change and it is sinking us, yet it seems we are continuing to play the same old leadership development tunes. Why is that and what can we do together?

Why lifelong learning?

  • 19 Nov 2021
For a lot of people, formal education has in the past started with primary school and ended with undergraduate education. However, educating oneself beyond the early phases of life and career has become more and more important. Why is lifelong learning so important?
Hybrid working

Hybrid working โ€“ prizes and pitfalls

  • 18 Nov 2021
Thousands of workers have been heading back to the office over the past month or so. As they do so, the prizes and pitfalls of hybrid ways of working are already becoming reality. The opportunity to shape the patterns and practices is now. How will you respond?

Why leaders at COP26 are missing an opportunity to be bolder in their actions

  • 18 Nov 2021
In our latest Leading Insights, Professor Kevin Money explains why he believes governments could be doing more to tackle climate change.
Reflections on the future - Henley Business School Finland

Reflections on the future: In the here and now

  • 11 Nov 2021
If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is how quickly and unpredictably our lives can change. How do we prepare for the future when uncertainty is the only certainty? This thought piece draws on principles from complexity science to explore the connections between the past and the future in the here and now.
Board transformation 2021 report

Leadership in transition: how boards and directors are adapting to a post-pandemic reality

  • 2 Nov 2021
Are boards well equipped to deal with changing operational, strategic, technological, financial and ESG issues? How will this new reality influence board priorities and do board directors have the skills to tackle these challenges? Read the Board Transformation 2021 report to learn more.
Leading Edge - slow down to change faster

Leading Edge – Slow down to change faster

  • 19 Oct 2021
In the last episode of the series Dr Sharon Varney discusses the impact of business volatility and uncertainty on leaders and how they might address the challenges. Amplified by the pandemic, the future effects of decisions made, and actions taken in the here and now, are unknowable.
Conversation with Per Mertsacker

Leadership Gems – A conversation with Per Mertesacker

  • 5 Oct 2021
In this fourth episode of Leadership Gems Professor Bernd Vogel from our Centre for Leadership sat down to chat with Arsenal Academy Manager and FIFA World Cup winning defender Per Mertesacker to find out what businesses and organisations can learn from the football 'bubble'.
future of work-hybrid

The future of work – hybrid

  • 1 Oct 2021
Working from home has become part and parcel of life during the pandemic, but will the homeworking trend continue? Dr Miriam Marra discusses the future world of work in part two of two in her series on technology and hybrid working.
Conversation with Maria Ohisalo

Leadership Gems – A conversation with Maria Ohisalo

  • 23 Sep 2021
We are delighted to share our third Leadership Gems โ€“ a conversation with Maria Ohisalo. Professor Claire Collins from Henleyโ€™s Centre for Leadership had an opportunity to sit down with Maria, Chair of the Green League and Minister of the Interior of Finland to talk about political leadership and her inspirations, fears and dreams.
Leading Edge: The Rise of the activist leader

Leading Edge: The Rise of the activist leader

  • 15 Sep 2021
We're back with a new series of our podcast! In the first episode the Dean and Director of Henley Business School Africa, Jon Foster-Pedley, considers the true purpose of business, what motivates people, the broken old model of capitalism and why leaders need to take a stance.
Purpose of education

Career sustainability and the purpose of education

  • 2 Sep 2021
Dr David Pendleton, Professor in Leadership at Henley Business School explores the role of education and the need to adapt in today's business environment.