The Equity Effect report - Henley Business School Finland

Businesses who treat employees unequally based on race, report up to 58% higher income

  • 7 Jun 2021
New research finds companies that have targeted measures specifically to support ethnic minorities record higher revenue and greater staff output and loyalty. Despite this, racial discrimination is still rife in British business with Black employees found to be worst off.
The Equity Effect report - Henley Business School Finland

The Equity Effect

  • 7 Jun 2021
Henley Business School published new research into racial equity in UK businesses. Our aim was to understand the reasons racial inequity still exists in workplaces, and the barriers and challenges to overcoming it.
Racism challenges in the royal palaces: can we relate in our workplaces? - Henley Business School Finland

Racism challenges in the royal palaces: can we relate in our workplaces?

  • 18 Mar 2021
Dr Naeema Pasha reflects on the wider questions about racism posed by Harry and Meghan's Oprah interview.
Meta-skilling is the solution to the robot revolution - Henley Business School Finland

Meta-skilling is the solution to the robot revolution

  • 28 Oct 2020
Dr Naeema Pasha looks at the challenges a “robot revolution” could pose for organisations after a World Economic Forum report forecast that by 2025, half of all work tasks will…
Four-day week: a flexible approach - Henley Business School Finland

Four-day week: a flexible approach

  • 14 Sep 2020
There are growing calls to provide greater flexibility in the workplace, with the four-day working week being widely touted as a viable option. Recent work has argued for a wholesale…
World of Work: What the fringe - Henley Business School Finland

Online festival: World of Work: What the Fringe?

  •   8.9.2020 โ€“ 17:00 to 18:30
  • Online ๐ŸŒ
WOW: What the Fringe? is a free event for all and we will be keeping the fun and spirit of the past WOW events and creating a festival-vibe including live entertainment. The webinars will be run on 8, 9 and 10 September at 17:00 - 18:30. You can choose if youโ€™d like to attend one, two or all of them.
The unexpected world of business podcast - Henley Business School Finland

How will you work in 2028?

  • 8 Jul 2020
The unexpected world of business is a podcast series by Henley Business School that explores topics you wouldnโ€™t normally associate with business. What is the future of work? Will you…
Executive MBA - Henley Business School Finland

Career services as part of the Henley MBA

  • 7 Jan 2020
The decision to embark upon an MBA is a big one! Thereโ€™s so many things to think about; have I got the time, have I got the money, have I got the will power, will my employer support me, how will I juggle...
Graduation 2017 - Marketing & Administration Specialist - Henley Business School Finland

Marketing & Administration Specialist

  • 18 Nov 2019
We are looking for a Marketing & Administration Specialist to join our dedicated team of professionals in Helsinki. In this role, youโ€™ll get to work with a premium education brand and a variety of different tasks. Your tasks and responsibilities...
Four Better Four Worse - Does a four-day work week pay off? - Henley Business School Finland

Does a four-day week pay off?

  • 4 Jul 2019
A four-day working week could save UK businesses an estimated ยฃ104 billion annually, according to new research from Henley Business School. Henleyโ€™s research reveals how a shorter working week (on…
World of Work conference - Henley Business School Finland

World of Work conference

  •   12.9.2019 โ€“ 09:00 to 17:00
  • Henley Business School, Whiteknights campus
Henley Business School will examine the world of robots, artificial intelligence, changing work patterns and essential skills required in tomorrowโ€™s workplace. We will explore how business education can help shape the future to meet the needs of employers.
Internship position - Henley Business School Finland

WANTED: Programme Management Intern

  • 18 Oct 2018
We are looking for a new team member to join our office in Helsinki, where you will be part of a team of 10 people locally and an international organisation globally. This is an excellent opportunity for a student looking to gain experience...