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Alumni benefits

Join Henley alumni in Finland and enjoy a wide range of inspiring learning and networking events. Advance your career confidently, being part of one of the worldโ€™s largest alumni networks.

Achieve higher levels of success

As part of Henley alumni you have access to the necessary tools to take a strong leadership approach to your career planning.

Research, both at Henley and other leading business schools, shows that people who are self-reliant and โ€˜career-activistsโ€™ usually achieve higher levels of success.

Henley alumni enjoy access to a range of services to help them build and advance their careers.

Career services

Henley Career Coaching

Meet our leadership coach specialised in career coaching. Three sessions with our career coach will provide you with everything you need to cover the relevant topics.

We can also help you to enhance your CV or assist you in improving your interview and assessment performance.

Henley Career Events

Twice a year, Henley Business School organises a special career event with e.g. a local recruitment company who will share their insights about the international job market and guide you in your job search process.

These events are designed in cooperation with various employers who will be on hand to talk to you about their companies, industries and job opportunities and to answer your questions.

Henley Career Service Globally

If you are looking for jobs outside Finland we recommend that you use the global career services offered in the Henley Career Service Centre.

Activities – local & global – to further develop yourself

Henley alumni is about active networking with other international professionals.

As a Henley alumni living in Finland, you will be offered rich opportunities to learn and network during and after your studies. The Henley alumni board and Henley Business School in Finland work closely together to arrange ongoing professional, career and social events locally.

The events range from fine-dining to nights at the opera, from afternoon golf to receptions at the British Embassy.
Over the years, these events have become an essential part of the members’ social life. Henley alumni can also utilise the membership of the Finnish Sauna Society.

Benefits of Henley alumni

  1. Build and maintain professional networks; find new business contacts. Follow our LinkedIn page and join our Facebook community
  2. Refresh your learning through events, both local and global.
    1. Henley events in Finland
    2. Henley events globally
  3. Get tips on career development or find your next role using our career service
  4. Henley Alumni Association is a member of the Finnish Sauna Society. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, bookings to the Finnish Sauna Society are currently not possible.

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