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Kolme akkreditointia: AMBA, EQUIS ja AACSB.

Olemme yksi niistä harvoista kansainvälisistä business-kouluista, joille on myönnetty kolmen johtavan englantilaisen, eurooppalaisen ja yhdysvaltalaisen tahon akkreditoinnit:

Kolmoisakkreditointi on osoitus opetuksen ja opetushenkilöstön laadukkuudesta. Voit siis luottaa siihen, että saat meiltä laadukasta koulutusta.

Kaikkien akkreditointitahojen tarkoituksena on kehittää business-koulutuksen laatua. Tarkassa akkreditointiprosessissa huomioidaan kaikki Henley-kokemuksen osa-alueet, kuten opetushenkilöstö ja tutkimus.

EMBA kolmoisakkeditoinnilla - Henley Business School Suomessa

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Her Majesty The Queen: Vice-Chancellor statement

  • 8 syys 2022
We wish to express our deep sorrow following the death of Her Majesty The Queen. Her Majesty served the United Kingdom, its overseas territories and nations of the Commonwealth, with grace, humility and dedication throughout her 70-year reign as monarch.

Sanna Marin: should we judge a leader on their age?

  • 8 syys 2022
Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin has faced scrutiny in recent weeks after photos of her partying were leaked to the media. Emerita Professor Claire Collins questions whether Marin’s age has anything to do with the criticism.

The clearer the marketing strategy, the faster the actions

  • 7 syys 2022
The Strategic Marketing module of the Henley EMBA – Global was one of those things that I have been waiting for the most in my studies. I’m in charge of marketing in my current company, so I was really hoping to get some more clarity into my marketing thinking and to get new inspiration for planning our marketing efforts for the coming years.

New PM needs self-awareness to deal with the electorate’s concerns

  • 2 syys 2022
Dr Chris Dalton, Associate Professor of Management Learning at Henley Business School, claims Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak may well be taking on a poisoned chalice when one of them takes office on Monday.

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