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Kolme akkreditointia: AMBA, EQUIS ja AACSB.

Olemme yksi niistä harvoista kansainvälisistä business-kouluista, joille on myönnetty kolmen johtavan englantilaisen, eurooppalaisen ja yhdysvaltalaisen tahon akkreditoinnit:

Kolmoisakkreditointi on osoitus opetuksen ja opetushenkilöstön laadukkuudesta. Voit siis luottaa siihen, että saat meiltä laadukasta koulutusta.

Kaikkien akkreditointitahojen tarkoituksena on kehittää business-koulutuksen laatua. Tarkassa akkreditointiprosessissa huomioidaan kaikki Henley-kokemuksen osa-alueet, kuten opetushenkilöstö ja tutkimus.

EMBA kolmoisakkeditoinnilla - Henley Business School Suomessa

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The ROI of EMBA for the employer

  • 19 tammi 2023
In order to consider the program to be a worthwhile investment for the company, business leaders and HR professionals need to understand the value of the training, and in particular the return-on-investment (ROI) of an EMBA. Read Juho Toivola´s blog post what are the long term benefits of the investment and how to calculate the actual ROI of EMBA.
Paula Kilpinen

Alumni spotlight: Paula Kilpinen, Henley Business School Finland

  • 5 tammi 2023
Our January alumni spotlight story introduces new Director of custom programmes at Henley Business School Finland, Paula Kilpinen, who is also an experienced Executive coach.

Nobody wants to be a leader but everybody wants to develop leadership skills

  • 22 joulu 2022
The final third of my Henley EMBA journey has now officially kicked off! In the second week of December we spent three days in snowy Helsinki at the new Henley Finland premises. The topic of the workshop was ”Leadership and Change”, and it was delivered by professor Ben Laker. We were challenged to think critically about the leadership practices in our own organizations, and to develop concrete plans on how these practices could be developed.
Career coaching

Henley Elective Week interview: Pasi Syvänen

  • 13 joulu 2022
Henley Executive MBA Elective Week was held by Dr Peter McManners. Read the interesting interview where Pasi Syvänen from Grundium tells how scenario analysis elective gave him tools to test their strategy.

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