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Kolme akkreditointia: AMBA, EQUIS ja AACSB.

Olemme yksi niistä harvoista kansainvälisistä business-kouluista, joille on myönnetty kolmen johtavan englantilaisen, eurooppalaisen ja yhdysvaltalaisen tahon akkreditoinnit:

Kolmoisakkreditointi on osoitus opetuksen ja opetushenkilöstön laadukkuudesta. Voit siis luottaa siihen, että saat meiltä laadukasta koulutusta.

Kaikkien akkreditointitahojen tarkoituksena on kehittää business-koulutuksen laatua. Tarkassa akkreditointiprosessissa huomioidaan kaikki Henley-kokemuksen osa-alueet, kuten opetushenkilöstö ja tutkimus.

EMBA kolmoisakkeditoinnilla - Henley Business School Suomessa

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A different kind of afterwork?

  • 24 touko 2023
Not a corporate presentation, yet interesting discussions on professional matters. Beer and wine for sure, but not just that.
The social aspect of learning - Henley Business School Finland

The work life value of research skills

  • 22 touko 2023
One of the key sets of skills that are strengthened during the Henley EMBA journey are research skills. These are particularly necessary in the composition of the final thesis. But what is the work life relevance of academic research skills? How can I benefit from the research experience in my everyday work?

Henley #1 Executive Education provider in Finland

  • 22 touko 2023
The Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2023 places Henley Business School in the world top 20 for the combined ranking of open and custom programmes. The ranking also confirms Henley’s position as leading executive education provider located in Finland.
WACC, CoC and IRR – a psychologist’s guide to corporate finance - Henley Business School Suomessa

What have I learned about myself during the Henley EMBA?

  • 17 huhti 2023
The EMBA programme in general and the Personal Development module has been a great opportunity to constructively challenge my views and beliefs about myself. I’ve found myself increasingly disagreeing with some identity labels that I previously considered useful and accurate.

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