Leading Edge podcast-technostress

Leading Edge – Technostress: finding the off switch

  • 13 loka 2021
In this episode Dr Caroline Rook, Assistant Professor in Leadership, reviews the impact of digital technology on our daily lives. She then offers her method for identifying the warning signs of stress in colleagues and in ourselves.
Leading Edge - Digital disruption

Leading Edge – Creating the right kind of digital disruption

  • 5 loka 2021
In this episode Professor Sharm Manwani talks to Thomas Mason about business transformation and why organisations need to be ‘digitally ambidextrous’.
Leading Edge - Customer experience

Leading Edge – Customer experience: the great reset

  • 28 syys 2021
In this episode of Leading Edge Moira Clark, Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School, discusses how customer expectations are now rising, as we emerge from the pandemic. How can companies best serve the ‘want-it-now’ generation?
Leading Edge podcast

Leading Edge – Sustainable Finance: is green the new black?

  • 21 syys 2021
We're back with a new series of our podcast! In this episode Professor Carol Padgett discusses dark vs. light green investments, the critical role of sustainable finance for the future of the planet and the economy, and how this is relevant to your personal finances.
Climate energy a nuclear solution

Climate emergency: a nuclear solution

  • 16 syys 2021
Nuclear power is key to ensuring a sustainable way of living for future generations and must not be dismissed by leaders, argues Professor Brian Scott-Quinn.
Siperian johtamisopit - Henley Business School Suomessa

Strategiset johtamisohjelmat

Strategisen johtamisen ohjelmiemme avulla tutustut uusimpiin teorioihin strategian luomisesta ja toteuttamisesta sekä strategisesta muutosjohtamisesta.
The Strategy Programme - Henley Business School Suomessa

The Strategy Programme

  • Henley 🇬🇧. Kesto: 4 päivää
The Strategy programme enables leaders to create strategies that are based on market-insight, that challenge and support the corporate strategy and ensure every individual can identify their role in the success of the business.
Executive Management Programme - Henley Business School Suomessa

Executive Management Programme

  • Henley 🇬🇧. Kesto: 10 päivää
The Henley Executive Management programme is an advanced management and leadership development programme for senior executives. Practical and relevant, it will challenge your thinking and give you the strategic knowledge and skills needed to drive your performance as a leader.
Developing Management Practice - Henley Business School Suomessa

Developing Management Practice

  • Henley 🇬🇧. Kesto: 5 päivää
The Developing Management Practice programme strengthens your practical management and leadership skills, empowering you to become a more confident manager.
Finland’s got talent. Do you make the most of yours? - Henley Business School Finland

Finland’s got talent

Do you make the most of yours? As a leading international business school, we believe that Finland has a huge amount of untapped talent. Talent development programmes can help you…
Strategic HR: How to promote growth - Henley Business School Finland

Strategic HR – How to promote growth

  • 9 loka 2019
I’ve spent around 20 years now working in the space termed “Strategic HR” – from a practitioner, academic and consulting perspective. In this time, and through these different lenses, I…
The search for insight - Henley Business School Finland

The search for insight

  • 18 kesä 2019
’Insight’ is a word that’s often heard in business but is frequently used flippantly. It is equally likely to be misused or at least misunderstood by many in the organisation.…