Kicking off SWP in your organisation - Henley Business School Finland

Kicking off SWP in your organisation

  • 8 joulu 2020
How do you get started with SWP?  My own view is that 80% of the success or failure of strategic workforce planning (SWP) is decided in the first 10% of…
Webinar: How to add value with SWP and make it easy to apply in-house - Henley Business School Finland

Webinar: How to add value with SWP and make it easy to apply in-house

  •   8.12.2020 – 16:00 to 17:00
  • Online 🌐
Learn how to run speedy and lightweight strategic workforce planning (SWP) workshops in-house that can add huge value to your business now and help guide short-term decision-making in your organisation.
SWP: The 5 mistakes to avoid - Henley Business School Finland

SWP – The 5 mistakes to avoid

  • 18 marras 2020
Strategic workforce planning (SWP) remains a largely under-exploited opportunity for both the enabling and de-risking of business strategy execution and the establishment of HR as a key strategic partner. I…
COVID recovery through SWP - Henley Business School Finland

COVID recovery – Strategic workforce planning can help you right now, not just tomorrow

  • 2 marras 2020
As organisations of all kinds all around the globe are pulling out all the stops to manage through the current crisis, there is a wholly understandable focus on short term business continuity...
Leading Edge: The Right Fit - Henley Business School Finland

Leading Edge #5: The Right Fit: keeping staff engaged at the workplace

  • 26 touko 2020
Employers look for the best fit when recruiting for their organisation: they look for someone who will fit to their core values and culture. But fit isn’t static, even though neither company nor...
The unexpected world of business podcast - Henley Business School Finland

Are you the right fit?

  • 16 huhti 2020
This is the latest edition of our The unexpected world of business podcast series exploring topics you wouldn't normally associate with...
Strategic HR: How to promote growth - Henley Business School Finland

Strategic HR – How to promote growth

  • 9 loka 2019
I’ve spent around 20 years now working in the space termed “Strategic HR” – from a practitioner, academic and consulting perspective. In this time, and through these different lenses, I…
Could an Executive MBA be part of your talent and succession planning? - Henley Business School Finland

Voisiko Executive MBA olla osa yrityksesi seuraajasuunnittelua?

  • 27 maalis 2019
Lahjakkuuden tunnistaminen, pitäminen talossa ja kehittäminen ovat välttämättömiä organisaatiollesi. Työntekijän arviointi on tehtävä tarkasti: onko hänellä tarvittavaa määrätietoisuutta, motivaatiota ja osaamista? Eikö olisi hienoa, jos sitä varten olisi omiin tarpeisiin…
MasterClass: Coaching for transformation - Henley Business School Finland

Henley Executive HR MasterClass: Building a bold and authentic leadership culture

  •   26.2.2019 – 08:30 to 10:30
  • Hotel St George
In this exclusive MasterClass for HR executives, Aboodi Shabi from Henley Business School will explore the value and importance of transformational, rather than incremental, leadership development and what it takes to drive change in leadership culture.
Henley Alumni Regatta Day 2018 - Henley Business School Finland

Global human capital trends

  • 27 helmi 2018
In publishing its latest (2017) research into the hot topics facing HR professionals, Deloitte identified ‘seismic changes in the world of business’ that will impact both where organisations need to…
Digital winner - Henley Business School Suomessa

Do you have what it takes to be a digital winner?

  • 23 tammi 2018
As HR Director at SAP, a multinational software corporation, Tom Loeffert has an understandable obsession with discovering what kind of person achieves outstanding success in the digital world. Unlike most,…
Employee wellbeing and resilience - Henley Business School Suomessa

The value of employee wellbeing and resilience

  • 3 tammi 2018
When undertaking some recent research into the world of talent management, one of the things that stood out was the changing nature of the relationship between employee and employer. Organisations…