World-class faculty

Selected members of our world-class faculty from the UK and International Fellow Network are regularly visiting Finland to conduct our programmes.

Vierailevat professorit

Henley Business School - Dr Elena Beleska-Spasova

Dr Elena Beleska-Spasova

Associate Professor in International Business;
Head of Post-experience Post-graduate Programmes

Henley Business School - Jeff Callander

Jeff Callander

Executive Fellow;
Programme Director

Henley Business School - Professori Moira Clark

Professor Moira Clark

Professor of Strategic Marketing;
Director, Henley Centre for Customer Management

Henley Business School - Dr Claire Collins

Dr Claire Collins

Associate Professor of Leadership Development and Behaviour;
Director of the DBA Programme

Henley Business School - Dr Chris Dalton

Dr Chris Dalton

Associate Professor of Management Learning

Henley Business School - Professori Marc Day

Professor Marc Day

Professor of Strategy and Operations Management

Henley Business School - Dr Anne Dibley

Dr Anne Dibley

Associate Professor in Marketing;
Programme Director for the MSc in Strategic Marketing Leadership

Henley Business School - Dr Steve Downing

Dr Steve Downing

Director of the Henley Centre for Sustainable Enterprise

Henley Business School - Dr David Ewers

Dr David Ewers

Subject Area Leader for Managing Financial Resources; Subject Area Leader for Corporate Finance and Governance

Henley Business School - Dr Peder Greve

Dr Peder Greve

Lecturer of International Business

Henley Business School - Professori Alison Hardingham

Professor Alison Hardingham

Lead Tutor on Henley MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change/Professional Certificate in Coaching

Henley Business School - Professori Peter Hawkins

Professor Peter Hawkins

Professor of Leadership

Henley Business School - Claire Hewitt

Claire Hewitt

Head of Learning Design - Executive Education

Henley Business School - Professor Carola Hillenbrand

Professor Carola Hillenbrand

Professor of Organisational Psychology

Henley Business School - Professori Nada Korac Kakabadse

Professor Nada Korac Kakabadse

Professor of Policy, Governance and Ethics;
Head of Department

Henley Business School - Professori Andrew Kakabadse

Professor Andrew Kakabadse

Programme Director of the Board Directors' Programme;
Professor of Governance and Leadership

Henley Business School - Professori Nick Kemsley

Professor Nick Kemsley

Programme Director;
Co-Director of the Centre for HR Excellence

Henley Business School - Professori Sharm Manwani

Professor Sharm Manwani

Executive Professor of IT Leadership;
Director of Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Programme

Henley Business School - Dr Richard McBain

Dr Richard McBain

Subject Area Leader for the Managing People module, Henley MBA

Henley Business School - Professor Kevin Money

Professor Kevin Money

Professor of Reputation and Responsible Leadership

Henley Business School - professori Rajneesh Narula

Professor Rajneesh Narula

The John H. Dunning Chair of International Business;
Professor of International Business Regulation

Dr Jonathan Passmore - Henley Business School

Dr Jonathan Passmore

Director of Henley Centre for Coaching and Behavioural Change

Henley Business School - Dr Suzanne Pollack

Dr Suzanne Pollack

Visiting Fellow

Henley Business School - Denis Sartain

Denis Sartain

Executive Fellow;
Associate Faculty on MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change/Professional Certificate in Coaching

Henley Business School - Dr Stephen Simister

Dr Stephen Simister

Associate Professor Project & Programme Management;
Subject Area Leader for Project Management

Dr Kelly Sloan - Henley Business School

Dr Kelly Sloan

Lecturer in Management Learning and Personal Development

Henley Business School - Nigel Spinks

Nigel Spinks

Lecturer in Systems and Processes;
Subject Area Leader for Managing Processes and Systems

Dr Jean-Anne Stewart - Henley Business School

Dr Jean-Anne Stewart

Programme Director MA Leadership;
Programme Area Director of Corporate Global MBA Programmes

Henley Business School - Dr Helen Stride

Dr Helen Stride

Lecturer of Reputation and Responsibility;
Lecturer of NFP Marketing

Henley Business School - Dominic Swords

Dominic Swords

Visiting Professor

Henley Business School - Dr Bernd Vogel

Dr Bernd Vogel

Associate Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour;
Director of Henley Centre for Leadership

John Whittington - Henley Business School

John Whittington

Visiting Faculty


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