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#31 EMBA-tutkinto Euroopassa, #20 parhaan johdon ohjelman joukossa maailmassa.

Helsingin kansainvälisesti arvostetuin Executive MBA

Opetuksen laatu, verkostoitumismahdollisuudet, urakehitys ja opiskelijan henkilökohtainen kehittyminen ovat kaikki olennaisia tekijöitä MBA- ja EMBA-ohjelmia sekä johdon koulutusta valittaessa.

Maailmassa on tuhansia bisneskouluja sekä MBA-ohjelmia, joista vain osa yltää maailman parhaiden joukkoon. Pohjoismaissa ei ole Henley Business Schoolin lisäksi toista koulua, joka voi tarjota yhtä monta johdon koulutusohjelmaa ja joka sijoittuu yhtä korkealle maailmanlaajuisissa vertailuissa.

Henley Business School on jälleen saavuttanut erinomaiset tulokset seuraavissa kategorioissa ja rankingeissa:

Executive MBA

Financial Times Executive MBA ranking 2019

Henley’s Executive MBA in the World’s top 100

Henley’s flagship Executive MBA (EMBA) has been listed among the top 100 business schools in the world according to the Financial Times Executive MBA ranking 2019. Also in this year’s Financial Times ranking, the Henley EMBA was again the highest ranked EMBA programme available in Finland.

The ranking serves as a comprehensive guide for prospective MBA students and covers a range of criteria on careers progress, school diversity, research and corporate social responsibility to enable comparison of potential institutions and courses.

Personal and professional development is a key area of focus on our global EMBA programme. Henley was one of the pioneers in embedding personal development in its EMBA and it remains a cornerstone of our programme to this day. Our investment and support for students in this area is reflected in the results, being ranked in the top 20 in Europe for careers progress and % salary increase with Henley EMBA graduates benefiting from an average salary increase of 55% from pre-MBA to three years after graduation.

We are proud to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally. We put great value on the ethics, awareness and integrity of those who study at Henley which can be demonstrated in the work with charities and NGOs that our MBA students are involved with in South Africa as part of their course, spending time in the townships and local communities and making a real difference to people and businesses. The rankings include a measure for teaching hours dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethics, social and environmental issues and we are pleased to see this reflected in the following result:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: No.20 in Europe, no.37 in the World.

Since October, we offer our global EMBA students an enhanced international experience with multi-campus programme delivery across Finland, the UK, Germany and Denmark, featuring a global syllabus, immersive overseas study experiences and innovative teaching based on live projects.

Our global EMBA brings together a diverse group of experienced and talented business leaders in a unique learning context, blending global perspective with local relevance led by inspiring faculty and practitioners. It includes experiential learning opportunities where participants work on challenges prevalent in emerging markets at Henley’s long-established campus in South Africa, and experience first-hand interaction with cutting edge innovation start-ups in the USA and with entrepreneurial and fast-growing firms in China.

As champions of diversity and helping women to develop their leadership potential through initiatives such as our Women in Leadership scholarship, we are also particularly proud to see strong results in this area:

  • Percentage of female faculty: No.1 in Europe, and no.2 in the World
  • Percentage of women students: No.12 in Europe and no.28 in the World.

Our innovative global EMBA builds on and enhances Henley’s flagship EMBA, a popular and long-standing programme which has been taught at the Business School’s prestigious Greenlands Campus on the River Thames for over 50 years.

The full Financial Times 2019 ranking.

Financial Times - EMBA ranking

Economist EMBA ranking 2018

World top 30 for Executive MBA programme

The world ranking of Executive MBA programmes from the Economist shows the value and quality of our Executive MBA programme, positioning our course in the top 30 overall and highlighting strengths in a number of other areas including diversity, student quality, course content, careers, alumni network and salary increase. In addition, Henley Business School is the only business school located in the Nordics ranked by the Economist.

This ranking broadly measures two areas, personal development/educational experience and career development, and is an important guide for helping prospective MBA students in assessing and selecting the right educational provider for their future study.

In a competitive job market, it is vital that our MBA programme members are provided with an experience that helps with their chosen career path, and professional and personal development. Our MBA is designed to help students understand key business issues and emerging trends and, alongside our learning modules, our Careers Team provide ongoing support to our students to further enhance their management skills and prepare them for the challenges of senior leadership.

The quality of our teaching and careers service is evident from our top 25 in the world careers, salary and programme content results:
Percentage increase in salary after 2 years*: No. 6
Career development: No. 18
Student rating of the programme content: No. 21
Percentage of alumni who have been promoted or grown their company since graduation: No. 24

As well as being taught by our expert academics and practitioners, students can feel assured that they will also learn from, and alongside, a strong and varied cohort of experienced executive peers, with our programme ranked in the top 5, top 20 and top 25 in the world for student quality criteria:
Years of work experience: No. 5
Years of management experience: No. 11
Quality of students: Top 25

As a business school that champions women in leadership, we are also proud to see that we are no.4 in the world for gender balance of student cohorts.

Exposure and connections across the globe and a variety of industries are an important part of any education and our strength in this area is noted in our world top 20 ranking for networking. We have campuses and offices around the world and 70,000 alumni in over 170 countries and the strength of this network provides programme members with a strong resource to help build their future as successful business leaders.

Full results of the ranking can be viewed on the Economist website.

* compared to pre-MBA salary

Economist - EMBA ranking

Johdon ohjelmat

Henley Business School sijoittui maailman 20 parhaan joukkoon

Tänään julkaistussa Financial Timesin liikkeenjohdon koulutusohjelmien arvioinnissa myös Suomessa toimiva Henley Business School sijoittuu 14. sijalle Euroopassa ja 20. sijalle maailmanlaajuisesti avointen ja räätälöityjen ohjelmien yhteisarvioinnissa. Sijoitus on korkeampi kuin millään muulla Suomessa toimivalla business-koululla tai yliopistolla.

20 vuotta sitten käynnistettyä Financial Timesin liikkeenjohdon koulutusohjelmien arviointia pidetään laadullisesti markkinoiden luotettavimpana arviona, koska se perustuu suurelta osin asiakkaiden ja osallistujien antamiin palautteisiin. Henley on ylpeä noustessaan vuonna 2018 saavuttamaltaan 23. sijalta tänä vuonna maailman 20 parhaan joukkoon.

Liikkeenjohdon avoimet ohjelmat

Henleyn avoimet ohjelmat keskittyvät liikkeenjohdon yksiköllisiin kehittymistarpeisiin. Ohjelmat perustuvat vahvaan yhteiseen tekemiseen, ilmiöiden tutkimiseen sekä käytännön harjoituksiin. Koulutusten taustalla on aina vahva akateeminen tutkimustyö ja asiantuntemus. Ohjelmamme kattavat neljä keskeistä aluetta: strategic management, leadership, coaching and people & organisational change.

Avoimissa ohjelmissa sijoituimme tänä vuonna 14. sijalle Euroopassa ja 27. maailmanlaajuisesti. Osallistujien arviot nostivat Henleyn 22. sijalle maailmassa avoimien ohjelmien suunnittelun ja sisällön osalta ja 16. sijalle uusien taitojen ja oppimisen osalta.

Asiakaskohtaiset räätälöidyt ohjelmat

Asiakaskohtaiset räätälöidyt ohjelmat suunnitellaan tiiviissä yhteistyössä asiakasorganisaatioille niiden strategisen kehityksen tueksi. Henleyllä on asiakkaina sekä julkisen ja yksityisen sektorin organisaatioita Suomessa ja maailmanlaajuisesti.

Henleyn räätälöidyt ohjelmat saavuttivat maailmanlaajuisesti sijan 30. Olemme ylpeitä noustuamme vuonna 2018 saavuttamaltamme 46. sijalta tänä vuonna maailman 30 parhaan joukkoon. Henley Business Schoolin kansainvälisyyttä heijastaa se, että FT:n arviossa Henley on maailmanlaajuisesti sijalla yhdeksän kansainvälisten asiakkaiden määrän osalta.

Asiakkaat arvioivat Henleyn maailman 30 parhaan joukkoon ohjelman sisällön, uusien taitojen ja oppimisen sekä hinta-laatusuhteen osalta.

Financial Timesin koko listaus löytyy Financial Timesin sivuilta.

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