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Leading Edge podcast series - Henley Business School Finland

Leading edge podcast series

To look at things differently, have a listen.

Leading Edge is a new series of podcasts from Henley Business School. Thomas Mason, business journalist is joined by some of our leading academics to explore and challenge their approaches and perceptions of what successful leadership should and could look like.

Series 3

rise of the activist leader

Episode 1: The Rise of the activist leader

Jon Foster-Pedley, considers the true purpose of business, what motivates people, the broken old model of capitalism and why leaders need to take a stance.

Carol Padgett

Episode 2: Sustainable Finance: is green the new black?

Professor Carol Padgett discusses dark vs. light green investments, the critical role of sustainable finance for the future of the planet and the economy, and how this is relevant to your personal finances.

Moira Clark

Episode 3: Customer experience: the great reset

Moira Clark, Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School, discusses how customer expectations are now rising, as we emerge from the pandemic. She observes that customers are increasingly demanding, confident and grumpy. How can companies best serve the ‘want-it-now’ generation?

Leading Edge digital disruption

Episode 4:  Creating the right kind of digital disruption

In this episode Professor Sharm Manwani talks to Thomas Mason about business transformation and why organisations need to be ‘digitally ambidextrous’.

Caroline Rook Leading Edge technostress

Episode 5:  Technostress: finding the off switch

In this episode Dr Caroline Rook, Assistant Professor in Leadership, reviews the impact of digital technology on our daily lives. She then offers her method for identifying the warning signs of stress in colleagues and in ourselves.

Leading Edge - slow down to change faster

Episode 6:  Slow down to change faster

In this episode, Dr Sharon Varney discusses the impact of business volatility and uncertainty on leaders and how they might address the challenges. Amplified by the pandemic, the future effects of decisions made, and actions taken in the here and now, are unknowable.

Leading Edge Gen Z

Episode 7:  Future of Work: how to channel the spirit of Gen Z

In this episode, Dr Naeema Pasha and Dr Anne Dibley share insights into what characterises Gen Z; how business leaders can harness their entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace; and what we can learn from them.

Series 2

Leading Edge: How to get your boss’s job – and keep it

Episode 1: How to Get Your Boss’s Job – and keep it!

How can you really be successful in climbing the career ladder? Do you need to play organisational politics or is it about developing both yourself and those around you

Leading Edge - The inclusion trap - Henley Business School

Episode 2: The inclusion trap: when being at the table is not enough

Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj digs deep into diversity. She has some surprising  views on what it means to be diverse and inclusive and tells us about some companies that are doing it right.

Leading Edge - Crisis: the mother of innovation - Henley Business School Finland

Episode 3: Crisis: the mother of innovation

Claire Hewitt shares her first-hand experience of innovating in the face of crises and offers advice as to how businesses can do the same.

Leading Edge: How to unleash your inner coach - Henley Business School Finland

Episode 4: How to unleash your inner coach

Professor Jonathan Passmore explains how coaching can be useful to every member of an organisation, focussing on fulfilling potential rather than relentless skill building.

Episode 5: 30 minutes to stay sane

Professor David Pendleton gives practical tips on how to survive and thrive, especially when it comes to remote working during lockdown.

Series 1

Leading Edge: My Boss is a Robot - help! - Henley Business School Finland

Episode 1: My boss is a robot – help!

Ben Laker gives his, mostly positive, perspective on the prediction that there will be a half-human half-digital workforce by 2025. 

Leading Edge: Diversity - Henley Business School Finland

Episode 2: Diversity: it’s not only skin-deep

Claire Collins expands our understanding of diversity and explains why business leaders need to start thinking about their biases and doing things differently.

Leading Edge - Leadership Jazz - Henley Business School

Episode 3: Leadership Jazz: finding the right note when there is no plan

David Pendleton talks about dealing more effectively with the unpredictable and how music can inspire your response.

Leading Edge podcast - Henley Business School

Episode 4: Board to Death: why companies fail

Andrew Kakabadse discusses why communication between senior management and company boards is not as it should be.

Episode 5: The Right Fit: keeping staff engaged at the workplace

Karen Jansen discusses her four types of fit and why ‘the right fit’ is something organisations should strive for on an ongoing basis not just at recruitment.

Leading Edge: Gig Leadership - Henley Business School Finland

Episode 6: Gig Leadership: taking turns at the tiller

Bernd Vogel explores why stepping in and out of the leadership role is a good thing; but how does this work, and can everyone have a turn?

About the host

Thomas Mason is a BBC reporter with a specialist interest in tech, business and politics. Thomas has a background as a project manager and marketing consultant, and also writes leadership and management articles for LinkedIn Influencers.

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