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Webinar: Breaking the rules – the future of leadership development - Henley Business School Finland

Webinar: Breaking the rules – the future of leadership development

25 years ago, leadership learning was so much simpler. We used to lock large cohorts of eager-to-learn participants into tiered lecture theatres, often in the basements of our business schools. There was little or no natural light and no possibility of interaction with anyone other than the clever professor at the front of the room. After three weeks, our participants would emerge, blinking into the sunshine, and we would send them back to their organisations, confident that some of the professorial brilliance would make its way into their leadership lives…

In the last 20 years, we have worked hard to design leadership learning that delivers both intellectual and emotional impact. The innovation in experiential learning, coaching, immersion, action learning, virtual learning amongst all sorts of other creative methodologies has all led to a more sophisticated and human-centric approach. As a result, participants now leave their learning journeys prepared to experiment with new ways of thinking, leading and doing.

For a while, this all worked very well. Then, two things happened. First, the digital society has had a far-ranging impact on leadership populations around the world. Then, the pandemic hit.

Join Jon Morton, Executive Fellow, and Claire Hewitt, Head of Learning Design, for a 60-minute interactive conversation to look at how we can, have and will continue to innovate learning to address the leadership challenges catalysed by a digital society and the pandemic.

They’ll explore issues such as building diverse leadership communities – and what diversity really means. They’ll talk about the benefits of non-hierarchical leadership cohorts and the value they bring. And they’ll discuss how to build trust in the virtual learning environment and how to set up learning experiments. Jon and Claire will also share what we have learned, how we have experimented, what rules we have broken, what has gone well, and what was not so successful.

During this webinar, you’ll get an entirely new look at the future of learning by breaking the learning rules. You’ll understand how to deliver the right intellectual, emotional and physical impact when providing leadership development for your organisation.

If you can’t make it, please sign up, and we’ll send you the recording.


Jon Morton - Henley Business School Finland

Jon Morton is a leader in the learning industry, with extensive international experience in both corporate and business school environments across Europe, North America, Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. He has been responsible for the successful creation, restructure, strategic innovation and growth of international business schools, a corporate education business and a new business education institution. Jon has delivered in the start-up, growth and turnaround environments. These roles have involved strategic design, organisational restructure and development, change and operational leadership, business development, line/team management and extensive public communications.

Working with senior teams of international corporates and in top international business schools, Jon has managed and led multi-functional, multi-national teams in the design and delivery of innovative organisational and personal development learning processes. Alongside this Jon teaches strategic thinking in the global business environment.

Claire Hewitt - Henley Business School Suomessa

Claire Hewitt is Head of Learning Design for Executive Education, she works with faculty and other expert contributors to design the most innovative learning programmes and to achieve clients’ strategic goals. She works with clients in the areas of leadership, coaching and organisational change.

Her commercial background is in marketing and innovation. Her marketing experience focussed primarily in the retail sector, where she worked for Marks and Spencer, Mars, the Arcadia Group and eventually British Airports Authority (BAA), where she was the group’s Retail Marketing Director, co-responsible for turning airports very profitably into shopping malls. Claire developed her innovation credentials with Synectics, a Global Innovation Consultancy, where she was a Partner, facilitating creative breakthrough thinking with client teams, to generate fresh strategies, products and processes to grow their businesses. She specialised in the field of Consumer Insight-led Innovation, creating radical new platforms for growth.

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Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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