sustainable development roadmap

The Finnish Sustainable Development roadmap

What do you need to know and what are the critical success factors in implementing the strategy

What is the role of sustainable business?

Adopted by the UN in 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a global plan of action that directs sustainable development in all countries of the world. It contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals that countries should jointly achieve by 2030. The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development has drawn up a roadmap for implementing the agenda in Finnish society. The purpose of the road map is to highlight the policies that Finland should pursue in order to achieve the sustainable development goals at national level.

In this event we will dive deeper into one of 6 pathways defined in the roadmap. The ‘sustainable and just economy, work and sustainable consumption’ pathway focuses on the connection between economic growth and prosperity and the impact of the economy on the use of natural resources. We will explore what are the major changes on the road to sustainability in the coming years as well as the critical success factors (and pain points) in implementing the sustainability strategy.

The panel discussion will be joined by Sami Pirkkala, Secretary General of the National Commission on Sustainable Development, who facilitated the creation of the roadmap, and members of the commission Kimmo Lipponen, CEO at Finnish Business and Society, and Helena Soimakallio, Executive Director, Sustainable Development at Technology Industries of Finland, who will represent a business perspective to sustainability. The discussion will be moderated by Vesa Silfver, CEO at Motiva and Henley alumni.

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