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The Henley Partnership - Making a difference or making a living? Maximising the employee experience

Henley Partnership: Masterclass – Making a difference or making a living? Maximising the employee experience

Are your employees simply earning a living at work or are they engaged, productive and committed to their jobs, their team and their organisation?

– Exclusive to Henley Partnership members –

Are your employees simply earning a living at work or are they engaged, productive and committed to their jobs, their team and their organisation? 2021 Gartner research found engagement increased from 40% to 60% in organisations where employees believe in a common purpose and meaning. Further research (McKinsey, Deloitte and Accenture), indicates the value of giving workers a sense of meaning and clear, human-centred leadership.

When employees know their work has purpose and delivers impact, their discretionary effort, collaboration and performance all increase. When work is just work, that sense of community and connection is lost, and loyalty/retention levels plummet.

Using the PACE framework (purpose, aspiration, customers and employees), this masterclass shows you how to connect employee work to organisational goals, societal aspirations and customer impacts – demonstrating how to enhance your own and your colleagues’ purpose, contribution and value.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the event you will have:

  • evaluated how the pandemic has accelerated the pace of change with hybrid, remote and flexible working
  • understood how the psychological contract between employer and employee has moved leadership away from transactional to more transformational activities
  • identified the importance and value of the four drivers of human-centred leadership: purpose, aspiration, customers and employees (i.e., the PACE framework)
  • understood how to use the PACE framework in order to maximise the engagement, performance and contribution of all employees – for the benefit of your people, your customers and your wider purpose.

Who should attend?

Senior managers and leaders in organisations who work face to face, or have moved to a remote or hybrid working model, and want to provide a human-centred leadership framework that maximises employee purpose, engagement and contribution for the benefit of individuals, teams and the organisation.

“Henry is a real expert in her field and is able to convey the details and implications of attracting and engaging people across all generations. At a time when we’re all working in a different way, her session with us was the slickest and most engaging I have experienced during these troubled times.”

Paul Harris, Executive Director, Curo


Henry Rose Lee - Henley Business School Finland

Henry Rose Lee runs a consultancy delivering diagnostic and advisory services, training and coaching to support in-person and remote/hybrid teamwork and leadership. She helps leaders engage and retain all generations at work – particularly young talent – ensuring they are productive, high-performing, and deliver value to themselves and their organisation.

How do I book?

This event is exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership. To book please contact your HR or Learning and Development team at your organisation.

Unsure who to contact? Please do not hesitate to contact us at

For this event, up to 3 places per member organisation are available. ’Up to’ indicates the maximum number per member organisation, it is not an allocation of places. All places are subject to availability at the time of booking.


This events primary theme is leadership and the secondary theme is organisational change.

It is relevant to the development of employee engagement, purpose, productivity, collaboration, organisation, leadership.

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