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Coaching webinar 16.4.2018 - Mindfulness for Leaders, Coaches and Facilitators - Henley Business School Finland

Coaching webinar 16.4.2018 – Mindfulness for Leaders, Coaches and Facilitators

Join us on Monday, 16 April 2018 for our Coaching Webinar – Mindfulness for Leaders, Coaches and Facilitators – given by Samantha Amit.

The high tech, fast moving, uncertain environment that we live and work in has become increasingly difficult to focus and concentrate on one thing – there are unfortunately too many distractions. Digital distractions are many and we have become addicted to our smartphones and tablets. The quality of attention establishes whether you are focused and present, as opposed to being mentally and/or emotionally distracted. This comes at a high price, which affects our ability to concentrate for sustained periods of time. Our stress levels rise as we are overloaded with information, our day is fragmented and challenges of all natures continue to rise.

Research has shown us that Mindfulness can improve health, our focus, our leadership presence, team relations and productivity and lower our stress. Mindfulness practice can increase emotional intelligence and resilience. Why are organisations like Google, Apple, Proctor and Gamble and many more investing in Mindfulness?

During this webinar, Samantha Amit from the Center of Development and Leadership will introduce you to mindfulness and share some techniques for how you can practice mindfulness and reap positive benefits throughout your day.

The fee for the webinar is £25 + VAT (free for Coaching Centre members, 10% discount to Henley Alumni). 

The speaker

Samantha Amin - Henley Coaching Webinar Speaker - Henley Business School Finland

Samantha Amit is a mindfulness practitioner and an internationally accredited professional coach. She is co-author of Mindfulness at Work, the Practice and Science of Mindfulness for Leaders, Coaches and Facilitators. Samantha did her teachers training with Bangor University in the U.K. and the International Disciplinary Center in Israel.

Mindfulness is fundamental to her coaching, consulting and training in facilitating leadership development and building strong organizational cultures that are innovative, high-performing, and contribute to an organization’s success. Her uniqueness is in her approach to helping people to create new mindful habits and behaviours, thereby incorporating mindfulness into everyday life.

In an academic capacity, she coaches and supervises as a faculty member of the Adlerian Coaching School at the Alfred Adler Institute in Israel as well as being a faculty member of Individual Psychology Coach Training International in Romania. She has considerable experience in global organizations across industries including government, high-tech, bio-tech, finance, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, and aerospace and defence.

Born and raised in South Africa, she lives in Israel, has three children, and volunteers on the steering committee of a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers women towards social impact and fostering unity.

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