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Certificate in Board Practice and Directorship information meeting

Equip yourself with the skills to direct change in the boardroom

The role of board director is becoming progressively demanding and diverse. This includes monitoring strategic oversight, scanning emerging potential risks, wider stakeholder and resource building, steering the vision and identifying opportunities for business growth. A board director’s skills in handling dilemmas and inconsistencies, while remaining authentic and ethical, are vital.

The Henley Certificate in Board Practice and Directorship gathers experienced directors, senior leaders, and board members from across the private, public and third sector and different parts of Europe. The 8-month programme addresses the current demands on boards and directorship, equipping you with superior skills for board level engagement and stewardship practices. As accountability becomes more prevalent, the need for professionalisation of directors is important for board effectiveness, contribution and governance.

The Henley Certificate in Board Practice and Directorship is delivered by expert academic faculty, with insights from highly experienced board practitioners. It also draws extensively on the top-team governance research conducted at Henley Business School, which covers more than 19,000 boards across 37 countries.

Join our information meeting with Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance and Leadership at Henley Business School, to learn more about the programme and how it can help you to confidently handle existing and future board level challenges and enhance your director qualities!

Professori Andrew Kakabadse - Henley Business School Suomessa

Professor Andrew Kakabadse has undertaken global studies spanning over 20,000 organisations in the private, public and third sector, and 41 countries. His research focuses on the areas of board performance, governance, leadership and policy. His background is in environmental sciences, public policy, child guidance and psychiatric social work, and organisational psychology.

Andrew has published 45 books and over 250 scholarly articles, including bestselling books The Politics of Management, Working in Organisations, The Success Formula and Leadership Intelligence: The 5Qs. He has won numerous prizes for his scholarly articles.

Certificate in Board Practice and Directorship information meeting 8.6.2022

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