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Career Event: Myths and Facts. New Era of Leadership Recruitments

In the current dynamic market, leadership tenures are becoming shorter and more transient. Getting leadership hiring wrong is proven to be time-consuming, costly, and even harmful. Prioritizing shared values encompassing diversity, equity, and inclusion is crucial, along with a focus on individual skills, knowledge, potential and abilities over traditional metrics like education and experience. Efficiency is key to reducing time-to-hire and recruitment costs across job levels and organizational life cycles. Technology is already transforming recruitment processes by assisting organizations to screen candidates faster but helping candidates to write better CV. Recent studies reveals that over 70% of people sugarcoat their resumes and at MBA and Doctoral levels this figure is over 80%.

The focus is shifting. It’s not just who you hire, but how you do it. AI is reshaping the landscape and traditional recruiting industry is challenged and renewing the way C-suite selection is done.

  1. How is the recruitment landscape changing and how should organisations adapt?
  2. How to ensure diversity & inclusion as your key hiring cornerstones?
  3.  Is adopting capabilities for skill and knowledge-based recruitment crucial?
  4.  Are traditional hiring mechanisms equipped to meet the rapid changes and demands of the evolving job market? 

Join us in this topical Henley Careers Event, discussing what the future of recruitment looks like and how you can start building capabilities to manage the change.


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Welcome words 
Dr. Paula Kilpinen, Managing Director, Henley Business School Finland 

Myth busting the ‘Black Box’ of C-suite recruitment
Hannu-Matias Nurmi, CEO, Chief Executive Search


Is the era of sending CV’s over?
Miika Inkiläinen, SVP HR, Norse Atlantic Airways

Fireside Chat
CEO Hannu-Matias Nurmi​, Chief Executive Search
SVP HR Miika Inkiläinen, Norse Atlantic Airways
Co-founder & CEO Anssi Pakkanen, ValueMatcher Group 
Head of Consulting Päivi Erkkilä, Talogy
Moderated by Dr. Paula Kilpinen, Henley Finland



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Hannu-Matias Nurmi, Founder, Chief Executive Search

Hannu-Matias Nurmi, the founder of Chief Executive Search, is an experienced leadership recruiter, an executive coach and the author of Toimitusjohtaja (CEO) book. Hannu-Matias has served as a CEO in growth companies and as a business leader in Finland and Sweden. He helps companies in building and developing well-functioning boards and winning leadership teams. Nurmi holds a Master’s degree in theological ethics from the University of Helsinki and a professional certificate in executive coaching (PCEC) from Henley Business School.

Miika Inkiläinen, SVP HR, Norse Atlantic Airway 

Aerospace leader, HR innovator and successfully grown several start-up and scale-up companies, with the most recent global transatlantic airline Norse Atlantic Airways as SVP People from 100 to 1.200 people in one year. Miika is Henley MBA alumni and a PhD scholar in leadership transitions.

Anssi Pakkanen, Co-founder & CEO, ValueMatcher Group

Over 15 years of expertise in various leadership positions, orchestrating complex IT transformation projects across diverse customer profiles and industries. Leading Nordcloud to become one of Finland’s Top 5 Fastest Growing Tech Companies two years in a row. Anssi is Henley MBA student. 

Anssi and Miika are co-founders of ValueMatcher, a new start-up company assuring better recruitments with modern and scalable HR technology.

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