Kamala Harris: From sponsorship to championing leadership

Kamala Harris: From sponsorship to championing leadership

  • 10 marras 2020
Joe Biden’s decision to appoint Kamala Harris as his running mate signalled a strong commitment to ensuring the diversity agenda is up front and centre for his leadership. Over the…
European Perspectives: An introduction - Henley Business School Finland

European Perspectives: An introduction

  • 4 marras 2020
A new monthly series of thought leadership articles will launch on our website this week. European Perspectives will see Henley academics share their insights on the latest developments in Europe.…
Coronavirus and the numbers that clarify or obfuscate - Henley Business School Finland

Coronavirus and the numbers that clarify or obfuscate

  • 12 loka 2020
In the pandemic, our lives are ruled and dominated by numbers, especially when they change unexpectedly. The number of cases, deaths, infection rates (R), and hospitalisations are meant to inform…
Business Clinic opens to students and alumni worldwide - Henley Business School Finland

Business Clinic opens to students and alumni worldwide

  • 25 touko 2020
It’s no secret that many businesses have been impacted by the challenges caused by COVID-19, with the economy in recession and business leaders needing to adapt new work styles, technologies...
Welcome to the Henley 5 o'clock tea - Henley Business School Finland

Welcome to the Henley 5 o'clock tea

  • 20 touko 2020
The 5 o'clock tea is a new series of online get-togethers for Henley alumni to connect with peers and discuss selected topics. You will have the possibility to discuss current issues...
Dear alumni, partners and friends - Coronavirus pandemic update - Henley Business School Finland

Dear alumni, partners and friends,

  • 16 maalis 2020
Following the recent developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we want to provide you with an update on our plans how to operate during this exceptional situation. We have taken appropriate...
Executive MBA - Henley Business School Suomessa

Career services as part of the Henley MBA

  • 7 tammi 2020
The decision to embark upon an MBA is a big one! There’s so many things to think about; have I got the time, have I got the money, have I got the will power, will my employer support me, how will I juggle...
Happy Holidays 2019 - Henley Business School Finland

Dear alumni and friends,

  • 12 joulu 2019
Before everyone leaves for the holidays, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and support throughout the year. You have made 2019 again a remarkable year for...
Graduation 2017 - Marketing & Administration Specialist - Henley Business School Finland

Marketing & Administration Specialisti

  • 18 marras 2019
Etsimme nyt Henley Business Schoolille Marketing & Administration Specialistia osaksi määrätietoista ja asiantuntevaa tiimiä Helsinkiin! Tässä tehtävässä pääset työskentelemään laadukkaan brändin sekä monipuolisten...
Graduation 2019: Executive MBA and MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change

Congratulations to our 2019 graduates

  • 24 syys 2019
Our sincere congratulations to all our programme members who graduated on 20 September 2019! The ceremonies were held at Henley’s beautiful Greenlands campus in the UK, which is located alongside…
International Study Visit Moscow 2019 - Henley Business School Finland

From Russia with love

  • 13 syys 2019
The International Study Visit (ISV) to Moscow as part of my Henley Executive MBA studies was a very exciting opportunity for me. I see Russia as a fascinating growth area, different from anything else we know. And I wanted...
The search for insight - Henley Business School Finland

The search for insight

  • 18 kesä 2019
’Insight’ is a word that’s often heard in business but is frequently used flippantly. It is equally likely to be misused or at least misunderstood by many in the organisation.…