Sanna Marin: should we judge a leader on their age?

  • 8 syys 2022
Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin has faced scrutiny in recent weeks after photos of her partying were leaked to the media. Emerita Professor Claire Collins questions whether Marin's age has anything to do with the criticism.

The clearer the marketing strategy, the faster the actions

  • 7 syys 2022
The Strategic Marketing module of the Henley EMBA – Global was one of those things that I have been waiting for the most in my studies. I’m in charge of marketing in my current company, so I was really hoping to get some more clarity into my marketing thinking and to get new inspiration for planning our marketing efforts for the coming years.

New PM needs self-awareness to deal with the electorate’s concerns

  • 2 syys 2022
Dr Chris Dalton, Associate Professor of Management Learning at Henley Business School, claims Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak may well be taking on a poisoned chalice when one of them takes office on Monday.

Taking and giving a 360° view of a South African NGO

  • 24 elo 2022
Matti Takovaara shares his experiences and learnings from the Global Immersion Study Visit in Cape Town, South Africa, as part of the Reputation and Responsibility module of the Henley Executive MBA. The study visit gives students hands-on experience of how NGOs operate in the local environment and allows them to utilise the skills learned so far.

Openness, curiosity and humbleness – the mix for a great immersion learning experience

  • 15 elo 2022
Due to COVID-19, the Global Immersion Study Visit that is part of the Henley Executive MBA’s International Business module was postponed until nearly the end of Anna Hjelt's studies. Here she shares her experiences and insights from the trip to Madrid and Lisbon in June 2022!

A moment of reflection with the learning team after stage 1

  • 8 heinä 2022
The end of stage 1 from the Executive MBA provided a great opportunity to reflect on the journey so far. I wanted to involve my learning team in this reflection, and you can find their thoughts, opinions and experiences in a short interview.

The intensity of everything in New York

  • 21 kesä 2022
During our recent Global Immersion Study Visit as part of the Henley EMBA – Global, we spent a week in New York City, consulting our case companies and learning about how business works in Manhattan. This was a great opportunity to reflect on the similarities and differences between the US and Finland on the approach to business and work life.
Calculations or courage – which is more important for internationalisation? - Henley Business School Finland

Calculations or courage – which is more important for internationalisation?

  • 20 touko 2022
Internationalisation and entering new markets is usually preceded by diligent analysis of available information and weighing of options. My own experience of working with small and medium-sized enterprises is that the final decision to expand internationally is often more a mental or emotional question.

What will Elon Musk do with Twitter?

  • 11 touko 2022
Billionaire Elon Musk has recently acquired Twitter. In our latest Leading Insights, Professor George Alexandridis asks, will he finally set the blue bird free?
Henley EMBA opiskelijat - Henley Business School Suomessa

Miten valita oikea Executive MBA -ohjelma?

  • 28 huhti 2022
Executive MBA on iso rahallinen ja ajallinen sijoitus. Siksi on tärkeää valita juuri omiin tarpeisiin sopiva ohjelma. Tässä on neljä vinkkiä sopivan ohjelman valintaan!
The social aspect of learning - Henley Business School Finland

The social aspect of learning

  • 19 huhti 2022
One of the most interesting personal developments during my Executive MBA journey so far is how the focus of learning changes from accumulating knowledge to the social nature of knowledge and meaning. You could say that an individual can know something but this piece of knowledge only becomes meaningful in a particular social context.
Executive MBA - Henley Business School Suomessa

Mihin Executive MBA -tutkinnossa kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota?

  • 21 maalis 2022
Oletko harkinnut Executive MBA -tutkinnon suorittamista päivittääksesi osaamistasi, edetäksesi urallasi tai kehittyäksesi yksilönä? Tässä muutamia seikkoja, jotka on hyvä ottaa huomioon koulutusohjelman valinnassa.