Elinikäinen oppiminen – ainoa pysyvä asia muuttuvassa työmaailmassa

  • 30 marras 2021
Elinikäinen oppiminen, uusien taitojen ja uudenlaisen osaamisen omaksuminen sekä kyky kehittyä ihmisenä ja ammattilaisena ovat ainoa tapa pysyä ajankohtaisena tulevaisuuden työmaailmassa.

COP26, silence of the leadership development, and the band on the Titanic

  • 23 marras 2021
Within the leadership development community, we know we hit the iceberg of climate change and it is sinking us, yet it seems we are continuing to play the same old leadership development tunes. Why is that and what can we do together?

Miksi elinikäinen oppiminen on tärkeää?

  • 18 marras 2021
Monien ihmisten kohdalla muodollinen koulutus on aiemmin alkanut alakoulusta ja päättynyt korkeakouluun. Kouluttautumisesta elämän ja uran varhaisten vaiheiden jälkeen on kuitenkin tullut yhä tärkeämpää. Miksi elinikäinen oppiminen on niin tärkeää?
The most difficult part about learning is unlearning - Henley Business School Finland

The most difficult part about learning is unlearning

  • 16 marras 2021
I recently attended the Managing Processes and Systems workshop as part of my Executive MBA studies. I felt well prepared having done all the course pre-work and was ready to learn new models and frameworks that would enable me to understand business processes more broadly. The reality, however, turned out to be much more about unlearning. Sounds complicated? Let me explain.
Soutajat Henley - Henley Business School Suomessa

Millaista on suorittaa Executive MBA-opinnot johtajan työn ja lapsiperhearjen ohessa – ja miksi se on vaivan väärti?

  • 21 loka 2021
Anu Laitila, Keravan kaupungin vapaa-ajan ja hyvinvoinnin toimialajohtaja, kertoo MBA-tarinansa, mukaan lukien miksi hän päätti lähteä tälle matkalle, miten hän koki ja suunnitteli opintonsa ja miksi se oli vaivan arvoista.
Getting ready: What to wear? How to speak? - Henley Business School Finland

Getting ready: What to wear? How to speak?

  • 16 syys 2021
I just received the invitation for the first workshop of my Henley Executive MBA studies and I'm happy that despite the challenging COVID situation we will be traveling to the campus in Henley, UK. It feels good to get started but it also raises some questions regarding proper attire for the workshops and my spoken English.
Purpose of education

Career sustainability and the purpose of education

  • 2 syys 2021
Dr David Pendleton, Professor in Leadership at Henley Business School explores the role of education and the need to adapt in today's business environment.
May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears - Henley Business School Finland

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears

  • 19 elo 2021
In preparation for my Executive MBA studies, I have made a mental division of the coming study years: 2021, 2022 and 2023 and I’ve also reflected on my personal hopes and fears for this journey.
Why should we stop playing down ageism at work? - Henley Business School Finland

Why should we stop playing down ageism at work?

  • 4 elo 2021
Dr Tatiana Rowson about age (and ageism) at work and why this is not only a diversity issue but an occupational health and wellbeing issue too.
Reducing working hours in Iceland - Henley Business School Finland

Reducing working hours in Iceland: Lessons on workload and flexibility

  • 27 heinä 2021
Iceland has been on the news because between 2014 and 2019 it trialled a move from a 40-hour to a 35- or 36-hour working week among over 2,500 workers in the public sector. Dr Rita Fontinha looks at Iceland's recent trial of a shorter working week and its consistency with Henley's research findings on the four-day week.

Why an EMBA? That’s what many people ask.

  • 6 heinä 2021
I’ve been considering EMBA studies for many years. Despite many critical comments, I’ve decided to pursue Henley’s EMBA and in this blog I share my reasoning behind this decision.
Diversity benefits every Firm

Diversity benefits every Firm

  • 2 heinä 2021
Why are targets for inclusion and diversity crucial for any successful business, including the palace? Dr Naeema Pasha explains using findings from The Equity Effect research.