Future Trends in Coaching

  • 1 joulu 2021
Mitä kansainvälinen coaching-yhteisö ajattelee pandemian vaikutuksista ja miten se suhtautuu tulevaisuuteen, kun alamme pohtia uutta normaalia? Future Trends in Coaching -tutkimusraportti tarjoaa yleiskatsauksen yli 1000 coachin kanssa ympäri maailman tehdystä tutkimuksesta.

Reflections on the future: In the here and now

  • 11 marras 2021
If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is how quickly and unpredictably our lives can change. How do we prepare for the future when uncertainty is the only certainty? This thought piece draws on principles from complexity science to explore the connections between the past and the future in the here and now.

Leadership in transition: how boards and directors are adapting to a post-pandemic reality

  • 2 marras 2021
Are boards well equipped to deal with changing operational, strategic, technological, financial and ESG issues? How will this new reality influence board priorities and do board directors have the skills to tackle these challenges? Read the Board Transformation 2021 report to learn more.
future of work - hybrid

The future of work – hybrid

  • 1 loka 2021
Working from home has become part and parcel of life during the pandemic, but will the homeworking trend continue? Dr Miriam Marra discusses the future world of work in part two of two in her series on technology and hybrid working.
Climate energy a nuclear solution

Climate emergency: a nuclear solution

  • 16 syys 2021
Nuclear power is key to ensuring a sustainable way of living for future generations and must not be dismissed by leaders, argues Professor Brian Scott-Quinn.
Is ‘busyness’ really necessary? - Henley Business School Suomessa

Is ’busyness’ really necessary or did Leonardo Da Vinci have it right?

  • 18 elo 2021
It’s a busy world out there! But is all this 'busyness' really necessary? Or are we being swept away in an unproductive (but strangely satisfying!) rush of activity and stress? Could we be more effective in the way we manage our time, energy and focus and actually accomplish more, as Leonardo da Vinci suggested, by working less?
European Perspectives: Regulation against stewardship - Henley Business School Finland

European Perspectives: Regulation against stewardship

  • 16 elo 2021
In our latest European Perspectives Professor Andrew Kakabadse discusses the need for stewardship to become more embedded in the governance of Europe.
Leadership and discipline - Henley Business School Finland

Leadership and discipline

  • 11 elo 2021
A study of board leadership has highlighted a number of issues that should be of interest to all business leaders, senior managers and board members.
The anatomy of a great strategic leader - Henley Business School Suomessa

The anatomy of a great strategic leader – and how to replicate it!

  • 28 heinä 2021
Narendra Laljani was a very good teacher. He taught strategic analysis to executives for many years. But at the back of his mind lay a nagging doubt: was he teaching the real ingredients of strategic success?
The Equity Effect report - Henley Business School Finland

The Equity Effect

  • 7 kesä 2021
Henley Business School published new research into racial equity in UK businesses. Our aim was to understand the reasons racial inequity still exists in workplaces, and the barriers and challenges to overcoming it.
Breaking the learning rules - Henley Business School Finland

Breaking the learning rules

  • 1 kesä 2021
In the last 20 years, we have worked hard to design leadership learning that delivers both intellectual and emotional impact. For a while, this has all worked very well but then we started to become aware of the impact of the digital society on leadership populations around the world plus the pandemic hit. This development has given us the permission to challenge the sacred cows of learning and to experiment with new ways of doing things to work out how we build communities of leaders virtually.

European Perspectives: Meeting climate change commitments

  • 25 touko 2021
In our latest European Perspectives Dr Stefan Schepers discusses taxonomies and the key challenges facing governments and institutions with ambitious climate targets.