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How will your board rise to the challenge of unexpected challenges?

  • 21 huhti 2022
Businesses are increasingly facing extraordinary disruptions and there is growing pressure for greater accountability in how leaders address these issues. Based on latest research, Professor Andrew Kakabadse has developed practical guidance for leadership teams by establishing a set of core disciplines to increase the chances of success.
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The new BIG business question: are you really a value delivery leader?

  • 7 huhti 2022
Renowned business thinker, Professor Andrew Kakabadse recently presented the findings from his research into the characteristics of outstanding boards and top teams, and his views on what it means to be an outstanding global leader in today’s competitive environment.
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Win at all costs? Where should boards draw the line?

  • 24 maalis 2022
There is evidence that taking an ethical approach reaps financial rewards in the longer term, and that organisations which adopt a more transparent, honest approach, are more sustainable. Professor Andrew Kakabadse shares findings from his research into the low standards of compliance and governance.

Are you ready to cope with the new leadership challenge?

  • 11 maalis 2022
Company boards are increasingly coming under public scrutiny as their decision-making and leadership processes are examined and often called into question in an era which is demanding higher levels of transparency.
Can we trust our leaders? - Henley Business School Suomessa

Can we trust our leaders?

  • 7 helmi 2022
An increasing catalogue of surveys suggests that we most definitely do not trust politicians, or business leaders, heads of state, charities, or even the church. But how has this sorry state of affairs come about? Professors Andrew and Nada Kakabadse summarise the key failings as evidenced by the storm surrounding Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the impacts of ‘Partygate'.
Board Transformation Report 2021

Leadership in transition: how boards and directors are adapting to a post-pandemic reality

  • 2 marras 2021
Are boards well equipped to deal with changing operational, strategic, technological, financial and ESG issues? How will this new reality influence board priorities and do board directors have the skills to tackle these challenges? Read the Board Transformation 2021 report to learn more.
European Perspectives: Regulation against stewardship - Henley Business School Finland

European Perspectives: Regulation against stewardship

  • 16 elo 2021
In our latest European Perspectives Professor Andrew Kakabadse discusses the need for stewardship to become more embedded in the governance of Europe.
Leadership and discipline - Henley Business School Finland

Leadership and discipline

  • 11 elo 2021
A study of board leadership has highlighted a number of issues that should be of interest to all business leaders, senior managers and board members.
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Return to the World of Work: How can organisations build trust?

  • 30 loka 2020
In this action research session Henley’s Professor Andrew Kakabadse argues the importance of aligned interests between leaders and staff, and what affect this can have on trust and competitive advantage.
Building better boards - Henley Business School Finland

Building better boards: A guide for NED effectiveness

  • 19 syys 2019
Boosting the effectiveness of non-executive directors (NEDs) in growth companies is the aim of a new guide based on the findings of research by Henley Business School. Commissioned by the…
Why boardrooms need tension - Henley Business School

Why boardrooms need tension

  • 11 elo 2017
Tension between board members in conversation is healthy, while conflict is disruptive and best dealt with outside the boardroom. New research, carried out in partnership between The Governance Institute and…
What makes a great leader? - Henley Business School Suomessa

What makes a great leader?

  • 16 marras 2016
The five Q’s of leadership The rules are changing, says Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance and Leadership at Henley Business School, and if you don’t have all five Qs, you…