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Expectations from mummotunneli

Henley Finland Alumni afterwork September 29th at Restaurant Venn.

We expected everybody to know restaurant Venn. One of our alumni was still lost in finding the place.

One other alumni shared a story of being kicked in the left eye by the head of her 3-year-old daughter and the hand of her one-year-old son on the same day. During the days, her face naturally turned rainbow colours. Nobody dared to approach her, save her manager, who invited her to the meeting room after a few days. The manager, clearly distressed, dared to explain that the company’s health care provider can aid in domestic violence cases. ”Oh my god, this was given to me by my three and one-year-old children. It’s not about domestic violence!”

How often do we assume rather than ask?

Once again, beer and wine for sure, but not just that. Exciting discussions on how coaching is about unlearning, understanding one’s behaviour, and hopefully getting rid of faulty assumptions.

Join our next afterwork. No agenda, formality, or suit or tie needed – just an open mind to connect with interesting people!

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Not a corporate presentation, yet interesting discussions on professional matters. Beer and wine for sure, but not just that.
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