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Henley Finland Alumni Summer Party 2023

This year Henley Finland Alumni Summer Party was executed with a totally new concept, in restaurant Teatteri’s Klubi Terrace. We were very happy with the record number of participants, and the atmosphere was warm despite the weather outside.

We raised the toast to our graduands, and one of them, Tiina Hovi, gave a touching speech. She mentioned how the EMBA journey creates a community and lifelong friendships. Our amazing keynote speaker, E. Elisabet Lahti, Ph.D., founder of SISU LAB, continued with Paula Kilpinen in a fireside chat, talking about Sisu and gave all of us good laughs when she suggested a new interpretation of what MBA stands for. It is ”Master of Bad Ass or Master of Beautiful Action”, both describing well the journey, we would say.

We will have more exciting events coming up during the Autumn, so stay tuned and reserve your place in upcoming Master Class event and Christmas Reception, not forgetting easy access afterworks.
You can find more details of all the alumni events at Henley Business School Finland website:

Henley Alumni Board and Henley Business School Finland Team

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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