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FT Executive MBA Ranking 2022: Henley Executive MBA highest ranked programme delivered in Finland

Top world rankings achieved for student satisfaction, diversity and international course experience.

This year’s Financial Times Executive MBA (EMBA) ranking sees Henley Business School listed among the top 70 business schools in the world. Our programme is the highest ranked EMBA programme delivered in Finland with top world rankings for student satisfaction, diversity, and international course experience.

With part of the ranking table based on an alumni survey carried out by the Financial Times and completed by EMBA graduates, Henley yet again scored highly for student satisfaction, placing at number 30 in Europe with an overall satisfaction score of 9.1/10.

Henley’s EMBA – Global programme sees students travel between Henley’s European campuses in the UK, Finland and Denmark. International study visits and a multi-campus programme offer immersive overseas study experiences that blend a global perspective with local relevance. This commitment to internationally recognised and innovative teaching resulted in Henley being ranked at number 12 in Europe and number 24 in the world for the international course experience.

As a business school, we are strong advocates for equity, diversity and inclusion, and Henley’s EMBA is characterised by strong student and faculty diversity. Reflecting this in the Financial Times EMBA ranking, Henley placed number 6 in Europe and the world for the percentage of women in our full-time faculty (47%). We were also ranked number 8 in Europe and number 20 in the world for the percentage of women students (40%).

Continuing to maintain a leading position in the world’s top 20 for the percentage of international students, Henley was ranked number 16, as well as number 38 in the world for our international faculty. We scored another world top 20 (number 17) for the percentage of women on the business school’s advisory board.

The Financial Times rankings also include a measure for the proportion of core courses dedicated to ethical, social and environmental issues. Here, Henley ranked highly at number 21 in Europe and number 34 in the world.

“The Financial Times’s EMBA ranking this year demonstrates that Henley remains a world class business school. We are very much focused on advocating for diversity and inclusion, so it’s rewarding to be recognised for practising what we preach and ranking at number 6 in Europe here. We’re also delighted that our international course experience was ranked at number 12 in Europe, which is a testament to the internationally recognised and innovative teaching we have on offer for our EMBA – Global programme. All of these factors, along with our quality research, contribute to many students telling us that their Henley EMBA is a unique and life-changing experience.”

Ana Graça, Henley Business School’s Interim Programme Director for the EMBA – Global

This year’s Financial Times Executive MBA ranking sees Henley with an overall ranking of number 34 in Europe and and number 65 in the world.

View the full results of the Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2022.

Find out more about our Executive MBA – Global programme.

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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