New campus in Helsinki

We warmly welcome you to our new campus in Helsinki

At the start of August 2022, Henley Finland moved into its own new customised campus in the heart of Helsinki, with both administration and educational facilities finally under the same roof.

“We’re in the midst of everything – and more central than ever!” says Annu Matula, Managing Director of Henley Business School Finland. Being located right next to the bustling city marketplace surrounds the new campus with a colourful buzz of businesspeople and tourists from various cultures.

The educational facilities with several breakout rooms are located on the third floor of the building, while the administration offices are conveniently housed on the floor above. This way, the students are able to focus on their studies, yet know that support is close at hand.

The bespoke space was specifically designed to enhance the learning journeys of the clients and students. All workshops and lectures are now in the same location.

“We have had a vision for our own campus for numerous years – and we’re so very proud to now open the doors at last to our students, alumni, partners and friends,” she continues. “Henley Finland can now offer the same learning experience as in other countries. And the look and feel of the new facilities reflect the premium brand that Henley Business School in the UK has stood for throughout the decades. It’s really like coming home!”

Moving the mark in style

The interior designer was able to capture the welcoming and warm atmosphere reminiscent of the luxurious, world-renowned mansion that is home to Henley Business School in the UK alongside the River Thames.

The new campus uses elements of classy elegance and cosy colours. When visitors arrive through the inner courtyard, they enter into a stylish lobby where they are greeted by one of the Henley staff and are served coffee, tea and snacks. The lobby also provides the perfect atmosphere for breaks and networking.

“My first impression of the new Henley venue is welcoming and warm. Also, it is very sophisticated. The location could not be better.”

Professional Certificate in Coaching programme member

Moving to the top of the class

The learning facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art audio and visual technology to facilitate a seamless mix of remote and in-person education. This space quite adeptly reflects Henley’s learning philosophy based on syndicate method, knowledge sharing and action learning.

The technology encourages strong interaction among all participants, regardless of where they are physically located during the learning experience.

“It is good to know that we can discuss in privacy and share confidential insights. The technical setup is first class.”

Executive MBA programme member

Move forward the Henley way!

Now that the world is moving back to appreciating face-to-face interactions with each other, the new Henley campus is ready to support your learning success. Welcome to Henley Business School!

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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