Leading Edge - Digital disruption

Leading Edge – Creating the right kind of digital disruption

Series 3 of our podcast Leading Edge is here!

The series will once again feature an interesting lineup of Henley Business School experts with a new episode published weekly throughout the autumn of 2021.

Digital disruption can be defined as a radical change in an industry due to technological innovation. Getting your response right is critical. Digital leaders think big, scale small, release fast and deliver chunks of business capability.

In this episode Professor Sharm Manwani talks to Thomas Mason about business transformation and why organisations need to be ‘digitally ambidextrous’.

Listen to Sharm’s episode to hear him discuss these topics:

  • The cumulative effect of ‘technical debt’ and the problems made by multiple add-ons
  • Identifying the point at which you need to rethink and redesign
  • The collaborative approach: combining people, processes, and technologies
Digital disruption

“The fundamentals remain the same. You know you have to keep the current business processes and systems robust, efficient and secure at the same time you have to innovate from a business and digital perspective and that requires, what we call, a degree of IT and organisational ambidexterity”

What will Sharm keep and stop doing in the ‘new normal’?

• Continue: learning and innovating to stay ahead in the digital world.

• Stop: running all workshops online – you can’t beat the buzz you get discussing a hot topic over coffee.

Sharm Manwani

Sharm Manwani

Sharm is Executive Professor of IT and Digital Leadership at Henley. As a European CIO at Diageo and Electrolux, he led several international change programmes generating new business and operating models. He continues to consult with large organisations on Digital Leadership and Business Transformation. Sharm is also co-author of the research done in collaboration with McKinsey: Enterprise Architecture and Digital Leaders. It explores how the role of the Enterprise Architect is underappreciated in delivering a successful IT project and how you can involve enterprise architects to untangle existing IT applications and manage technological and business complexity.

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