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Better board members create better boards

And better boards inspire better performance, giving all stakeholders greater value.

Being a member of a board is not what it used to be, and research suggests that many boards are ineffective – many to the point of being out of touch with the challenges the organisation faces.

The role of a board is unique to each organisation, and complex. Board members are often surprised by the reality of their role. They are ill-prepared and ill-equipped to deal with the challenges they face. For many companies, bribery and corruption remains a concern when operating in governance regimes unlike their own where local country managers are exposed to legal retribution, without the support of their board.

Our research suggests that only 20% of global corporations operate with a truly ethical approach, and the vast majority of boards are not respected by their managers. And yet ethical organisations are statistically more likely to perform better in the medium- to long-term, and appear to suffer no commercial disadvantage even in the short-term.

How can board members harness the potential of the team, and of the whole organisation? How can they restore their collective reputation, and inspire respect and admiration from those they wish to influence?

We belief that mentoring lies at the heart of an effective board. Our Board Directors’ Programme shows board members how to fully engage with all the stakeholders in your organisation, adding real, sustainable value to your business. The programme has been meticulously designed to show what needs to be done to make a board fully compliant, and – more importantly – how a different approach can create sustainable competitive advantages.

Built on a foundation of Professor Andrew Kakabadse’s extensive research amongst 5,500 boards in 14 countries world-wide, we have created a programme that provides new and aspiring board directors with a toolbox of vital skills and capabilities. The Board Directors’ Programme is no ordinary leadership and management programme; it is distinctly targeted to and for board members, aimed at enabling you to get the most from your board.

This programme will help board members to develop the knowledge, skills and awareness to:

  • Inspire and lead others to fulfil their individual and collective potential through mentoring
  • Recognise the value of sustainability versus financial return, and the value of morality, loyalty and a positive reputation
  • Appreciate the difference between performance and compliance, and use of discretion
  • Fully understand their role and obligations as a board member
  • Trade effectively through a range of dilemmas and challenges
  • Identify your real competitive advantage(s) and establish your unique competitive space
  • Apply their new-found capabilities to their day-to-day challenges and issues  

Our approach emphasises the particular added value that can be gained from acting responsibly and ethically, mitigating risk and avoiding the pitfalls of the cultural and legal nuances of international trade. When board members fully understand their roles and obligations, your organisation enjoys enhanced performance and appreciates the value of inspiring closer team working and shared goals. Through doing so, your organisation will benefit from greater loyalty, retention and productivity. Improved reputation will attract more and better customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Who is the programme for?

Henley’s Board Directors’ Programme is aimed at current board members, individuals about to become board members, individuals who have ambitions of becoming board members or individuals who work with board members – including Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors. This programme is also suited to company secretaries dealing with boards, legal counsel and senior representatives in non-governmental organisations.

Sabine Doms, Marketing Manager - Henley Business School Finland

Sabine Doms

Sabine is passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential and perform at their best. She has over 10 years experience in marketing and communications and is leading the marketing of Henley Business School in Finland since 2016.

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