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Andrew Kakabadse - Henley Business School Finland

Andrew Kakabadse: How can boards and top teams create value?

Effective boards determine how governance adds value to the competitive advantage of the firm through their monitoring and stewarding of the enterprise”, claims professor Andrew Kakabadse, the keynote speaker for next week’s Henley Masterclass.

Andrew Kakabadse joined Henley Business School in 2013, prior to which he had been with Cranfield School of Management for more than 30 years and he finished as Professor of International Management development. Named among the world’s top management thinkers in Thinkers50, Andrew has an extensive understanding of how the boards and top teams work – and how they should work. Moreover, Andrew is currently embarked on a major world study of boardroom effectiveness and governance practice in which a number of governments are participating, including British Ministers of State.

In his latest book “The Success Formula: How smart leaders deliver outstanding value” published earlier this year, professor Kakabadse claims that success is universally defined as the creation of value – producing outcomes that are of value for the people the organisation is intending to help while aligning with the values the organisation subscribes to. In this vein, then, how boards add value is up to each board to determine according to the directors insight of the unique nature of the competitive advantage of the organisation.

Drawing from his database of top teams from 17 nations and many thousands of private and public sector organisations, he has recognised activities that lead to high quality performance as well as what goes wrong with the performance. Moreover, his recent study, captured in ‘The Success Formula’ included a number of Finnish companies in the sample, so he also has insights on how to apply these findings in Finnish context.

At Henley Masterclass, he will talk about the ways in which boards can excel and realise sustainable value – and also the behaviors that should be avoided. Hopefully, he will also share some insights on how Finnish directors can add value – and how to adapt and change in order to do this. During the event we will also hear a case presentation titled ‘Managing UPM in transformation’ from Tapio Korpeinen (CFO, UPM). The event will be live streamed through Periscope.

You can read more about his thoughts on and follow Andrew Kakabadse on Twitter at @Kakabadse

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