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Webinar: Too proud to lead โ€“ a revolutionary approach to leadership

Join us for our latest leadership webinar with Professor Ben Laker on Thursday, 17 June.ย 

While confidence is a vital attribute for any successful business leader, it is often taken too far โ€“ they fall into the pitfalls of hubris and, like Icarus, find themselves flying too close to the sun. Laying out the dangers of arrogant overconfidence for both individuals and organizations, this webinar shares findings from a forthcoming book that examines the economic and psychological costs of this destructive behaviour, and boldly argues for a new, revolutionary approach to leadership.

Punctuated with award-winning research and practical solutions,ย Too Proud to Leadย by Ben Laker, David Cobb and Rita Trehanย is a fascinating investigation into how leadersโ€™ confidence can transform into hubris, which has the devastating potential to lead not only to their own downfall, but also to the collapse of entire organizations.

About the speaker

Ben Laker - Henley Business School Finland

Professor Benjamin Laker is a Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School who produces empirical enquiry to inform the legislate agendas of civil servants and politicians, including members of Parliament and the House of Lords.

His research studies, interdisciplinary by design, are published by leading academic and practitioner outlets including theย British Journal of Management,ย Human Resource Management,ย Harvard Business Reviewย andย MIT Sloan Management Review.ย Findings from these research studies are reported on by theย Daily Telegraph, Financial Times,ย New York Timesย andย Washington Postย broadsheets and are discussed on BBC, Bloomberg, CNN and Sky newscasts includingย Surveillanceย andย Newsnight.

Reviews of ‘Too Proud to Lead’

“Through incredibly engaging stories and compelling evidence,ย Too Proud to Leadย clarifies the risks, costs, and enablers of hubris, which is paramount if leaders are to demonstrate more significant levels of collaboration, inventiveness, and trust in their careers.”

Laura Jayes, journalist and Sky News anchor

“A worthy reflection, particularly in light of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic that has tested leaders globally.โ€

Stephen Drill, Europe Correspondent, Daily Telegraph

โ€œAs businesses face unprecedented uncertainty, leaders must work hard to build greater collaboration, inventiveness, and trust.ย Too Proud to Leadย explains why, and in doing so, teaches leaders how to demonstrate empathy, vulnerability, and authenticity.โ€

Phil Benton, General Manager, Adidas
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