Executive MBA – Global taster session 20.8.2020 Henley Business School

Webinar: The Leader’s Secret Code – The belief systems that distinguish winners

What makes a great leader? Why are some leaders more successful than others? Is there a formula that one can follow to emulate the best of the best?

Join our webinar, ‘The Leader’s Secret Code’, on Tuesday, 29 September 2020, where we will divulge findings from the recently published book of the same name, and gain insights that answer these very questions. Discover how a leader’s focus should be less on what they do and how they behave, but more centred on what causes them to behave in the way they do – their beliefs and values. 

Beliefs are the things you can’t see. The stuff that goes on inside. It’s the beliefs that we hold, that cause us to behave the way we behave, and it’s the way we behave that causes us to be the success that we are, (or we are not).

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand the global and scientific research that led to the book
  • Hear about the relevance and significance of belief systems
  • Listen to examples of ‘iconic leaders’ who are exemplars of elements of the code
  • Uncover the formula (the secret code)
  • Establish how you might benchmark your teams and create your ‘secret code’ in your team or organisation
  • Engage with the ‘code breakers’ (authors)

The event is free of charge. 

About the speakers

Ian Mills - Henley Business School Finland

Ian Mills is CEO of Transform Performance International. He has held leadership roles in the FMCG, financial and technology sectors. Since 1999 he has been a leading light in the building of a globally successful performance improvement consultancy that has delivered solutions in over 60 countries. From Lima in the west to Beijing in the east, Ian has led behaviour-change and transformation projects with famous-name corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Deloitte and Maersk.

Mark Ridley - Henley Business School Finland

Mark Ridley is a founding Director at Transform Performance International. He has worked as a strategist, chair and facilitator with global brands, investment houses and academic institutions for over 25 years, in 60 countries. His creativity has ensured that Transform Performance International has a well-earned reputation for inspiring leadership and coaching talent, growing sales and transforming the way people communicate. In short, delivering results through change.

Ben Laker - Henley Business School Finland

Ben Laker is Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School. He is a globally renowned scholar and outstanding university educator who provides academic direction and leadership to research, executive development and education within the subject area of leadership at Henley Business School. His scholarly output appears in world class academic and practitioner journals, informs government policy and shapes how thousands of organisations around the world are managed and led. He is retained by the BBC, Bloomberg and Sky News to provide expert commentary on Business, Economic and Political affairs.

Niina Tuttavainen - Henley Business School Finland

Niina Tuttavainen

Marketing and Administration Specialist
+358 40 832 9406

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