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Webinar: Demystifying the coaching impact in the brain

In recent years, neuroscience has evolved to be a body of science that attracts worldwide interest in the coaching field. Professional coaches and organisational leaders are curious to learn how the brain works so as to improve their coaching effectiveness, both in personal and organisational contexts. But, how many neuroscientific studies have been conducted and even published in the field of coaching? Join our coaching webinar ‘Demystifying the coaching impact in the brain’ on Wednesday, 21 April 2021, to hear Lyra Puspa discuss the topic!

What is it about?

Most seminars and lectures about the neuroscience of coaching appear to borrow the insight from the cognitive neuroscience of human decision-making and behavioural change to enrich the perspective of coaching. Only a few, if not extremely rare, neuroscientific studies of coaching are conducted to deliberately elucidate the coaching impact on the brain.

This session will provide you with ground-breaking evidence of the neural mechanisms induced by coaching, both during a coaching session in a natural setting and post-coaching alteration of the brain pattern. You will learn that a brain-focused coaching approach, by aiming for optimising and/or altering particular brain functions, may actually result in a multidimensional change of humans beyond established coaching perspectives.

Who should attend?

This session can be especially interesting and beneficial to professional coaches, coaching psychologists, learning and development professionals, human resource leaders, and business leaders.

The fee for the webinar is £30 (incl. VAT) (10% discount for Henley alumni; free for Coaching Centre members).

The speaker

Lyra Puspa - Henley Business School Finland

Lyra Puspa is the President and Founder of Vanaya & Co. that focuses on organizational development and transformation through brain-focused coaching and neurotechnology. As a Strategic Transformation Coach for C-Levels, she has facilitated brain-focused transformation of top executives and corporations across industries including Fortune 500 companies. As a Business and Organizational Neuroscientist, she builds Vanaya NeuroLab – a brain and behavior research center – that conducts applied neuroscience experiments in the area of business and organization, including coaching.

Lyra continually contributes as keynote speaker in international conferences around the globe to share her scientific studies in brain-focused coaching, neuroleadership, and neuromarketing. She is a PhD Candidate of Business and Organizational Neuroscience at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and holds the role as the VP Membership of European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Asia Pacific Region. She was also the former Chairwoman of Indonesian Applied Neuroscience Synergy Association (SINTESA) and initiated the Indonesia Applied Neuroscience Board that connects multidisciplinary experts in the field of applied neuroscience.

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