Webinar: Safety in numbers – reflective practice in small learning communities - Henley Business School Finland

Webinar: Safety in numbers – reflective practice in small learning communities

Join us on Thursday, 17 September 2020 for our coaching webinar on ‘Safety in numbers – reflective practice in small learning communities’.

What is it about?

Thinking about small group coaching supervision? Wondering what structures and relationships you need to show up in a virtual setting with 3–6 coaching colleagues and truly share your challenges, worries and successes?

New research on creating safety in small group virtual coaching supervision will be shared that illuminates key elements for the supervisor and supervisees in co-creating a safe container – a supervision space where supervisees can be authentically themselves, able to move into vulnerability, risk being truly seen and courageously challenge each other. The participative webinar will provide reflective space for participants to notice and articulate their own needs in small group supervision.

Who should attend?

This webinar is primarily for coaches and supervisors who are engaged in or curious about virtual small learning communities for their personal and professional development. HR and L&D professionals who are sponsors or are considering sponsorship of virtual supervision for internal coaches may benefit through learning about conditions that support a safe space for learning through reflection.

The fee for the webinar is £25 + VAT (10% discount for Henley alumni; free for Coaching Centre members).

The speaker

Kathryn M Downing - Henley Business School Finland

Kathryn M. Downing, an executive coach, coaching supervisor, author and speaker, comes with a joyous commitment to lifelong learning and belief in the value and rewards of regular reflective practice. Her expertise and passion are in virtual supervision.

She is engaged in doctoral research toward a Professional Doctorate (D.Prof.) in Coaching Supervision at Middlesex University, London. She lives in Santa Barbara, California where she enjoys long walks on the beach and hosting sunset gatherings of friends on her patio.

Niina Tuttavainen - Henley Business School Finland

Niina Tuttavainen

Marketing and Administration Specialist
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