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Master Class – How to lead across generations? Does talent have an age?

This Masterclass is motivated by three fundamental trends in the working life. First, in an era of increasing complexity, we need a more diverse workforce to be able to address the emerging opportunities and demands of different populations. Second, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract talent, we need to revisit the very concept of talent and make it more diverse. Although diversity is much more than gender, age and nationality, we have yet to gain from these three domains. Third, ESG is on the top of every boardโ€™s agenda, and social responsibility remains to be fully addressed. How to lead in an inclusive and sustainable way, taking into account the multiple generations present in the current and future workplace? This masterclass will take a multigenerational and multicultural approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, and discuss the related personal development needs.  

Could the 65-year olds be regarded as talent? In this Masterclass, Dr Tatiana Rowson from Henley Business School   discusses the implications of increased longevity and demographic trends in an era where retirement is less likely. The session introduces macro-demographic trends and debates among governments, think tanks and industry. This data will provide the context for discussions on the implications for individuals as workers, managers, and business leaders. Against this backdrop, Tatiana will explore with the audience how adult and leadership development principles must take a different time horizon to meet the needs of those living and working longer. 

What are the expectations of the younger generations, and how to lead intergenerationally?   
Dr Jules Lajola will lead us to challenges and opportunities leaders are facing in their personal development in times of complexity. The session discusses possible impacts of adopting human centric leadership style.  Furthermore, he will reflect on leadership in an international work environment encompassing multi-generational and multi-cultural demands. In his DBA, Jules explored executive coaching in millennial context and the impact of culture on coaching intervention.


16:00 Signup and coffee 

16:30 Welcome words 
Annu Matula, Managing Director, Henley Business School Finland 

16:35 Opening words 
Riina Grรถhn, VP, People Experience, Fiskars Group 

16:45 The 65-years olds as talent: personal leadership development in theโ€ฏage of no retirement  
Dr Tatiana Rowson, Henley Business Schoolโ€ฏ 

17:45 Networking break 

18:15 Leaders developing leadership: how to lead across generations and cultures? 
Dr Jules Lajola 

19:00 Fireside Chat 
Facilitation Dr Paula Kilpinen 

19.30 Closure 


Master Class 13.4.2023

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Dr Tatiana Rowson

Dr Tatiana Rowson, Lecturer and Programme Area Director, Henley Business School 

Tatiana Rowson is a Social Psychologist & Gerontologist and is responsible for the personal development of students in the Henley MBA and Undergraduate programmes. Her research focuses on ageing at work, retirement, silver entrepreneurship, and older workers’ experiences in multigenerational workplaces. She is particularly interested in how life, work and career transitions from midlife impact health and well-being, labour force participation and economic activity in later working life. She also studies how individuals make sense of, and respond to, changing circumstances at identity and behavioural levels.  

Tatianaโ€™s work is multidisciplinary and is informed by theories from psychology, sociology and social gerontology. She has published in prestigious journals and is on the editorial board for Work, Employment and Society Journal. Tatiana has also been featured in several respected news outlets such as Forbes magazine and BBC news programmes. 

Alumni of the month - Jules Lajola - Henley Business School Finland

Dr Jules Lajola, Executive Advisor

Jules, a Henley MBA and Reading University DBA, has worked in senior executive positions for the past 28 years, including strong CEO, COO, business development, board and advisory roles. He has experience from various business life cycles: start-ups, growth businesses, mature businesses. Proven track record of challenging business turnarounds and transformation cases has led him to consult companies in international business environment. His industry experience includes product & service development and deployment, high tech engineering & manufacturing and associated software development. In his DBA, Jules explored executive coaching in millennial context and cultural impact on coaching intervention. 

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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