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Henley Summit: The transformative power of sustainability

Join the Henley Summit on the topic ‘The transformative power of sustainability’ on Thursday 6 May 2021!

The Henley Summit finds its origins in our alumni community and their strong appetite for a collaborative academic-led approach to tackling critical business issues. Throughout the last 12 months our alumni have worked through a series of Henley Challenges to strengthen their businesses and ventures, from Customer Centricity and Leading Change to Global Talent Transformation.

Harnessing this momentum, we designed the Henley Summit to build on this foundation of online learning to become our premiere online conference. Each year we aim to draw on the global expertise found at Henley and its international community of academics, alumni, and supporters to provide insight on the most crucial issues that face businesses globally.

Our 2021 Summit is on  ‘The transformative power of sustainability, and it will showcase the business case for sustainability. We propose that sustainability is far more than a moral cause but an essential part of all business. This full-day online conference will focus on three of the primary business areas affected by sustainability: People, Finance and Environment.

Our questions:

  • How does sustainability affect the way your organisation interacts with its people?
  • How can a sustainable agenda affect the financial situation of your organisation?
  • How do you adapt policy and process to move your organisation closer to environmental sustainability?

The Henley Summit will be delivered (via Zoom) as a combination of different interactive elements from keynote presentations to panel Q&Aโ€™s and more. We will highlight prominent industry pioneers and leaders, and equip you with the skills to evaluate you and your organisationโ€™s approach to sustainability. โ€“


All times on the agenda are UK time.

9.00 โ€“ 9.15Welcome
Jean Pierre-Choulet
9.15 โ€“ 10.00Business case for sustainability
Henley faculty
10.00 โ€“ 11.15How does sustainability affect the way your organisation interacts with it people?
Guest speaker and faculty facilitator
11.15 โ€“ 11.30Break
11.30 โ€“ 12.30International alumni
International Faculty
12.30 โ€“ 13.00Lunch break
13.00 โ€“ 13.15Short interactive session
Henley Faculty
13.15 โ€“ 14.15How do you adapt policy and process to move your organisation closer to
environmental sustainability?
Guest speaker and Faculty Facilitator
14.15 โ€“ 15.30How can a sustainable agenda affect the financial situation of your organisation?
Guest speaker and Faculty Facilitator
15.30 โ€“ 16.15Panel interview followed by Q&A
Chair, environmental, financial, real estate, international panelist(s)
16.15 โ€“ 16.30Summary call to action

Fee for the event is ยฃ20 for current students, ยฃ30 for alumni.

When you buy a ticket, you are paying for more than just admission to the live event. You will also be able to access exclusive content on a closed Henley Live group, including;

  • academic insights
  • bite-sized interviews
  • event recordings
  • author readings
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