Henley Partnership: Masterclass โ€“ The innovation mindset

What is innovation? And how do you get into the right mindset to do it? This workshop will give you the thinking frameworks and practical tools to do just that!

– Exclusive to Henley Partnership members –

What is innovation? And how do you get into the right mindset to do it?

This online masterclass will give you the thinking frameworks and practical tools to do just that! Weโ€™ll start by asking the right questions to allow you to work out what innovation means for you. Next, we will explore the behaviours which help people to be creative and to encourage a culture of innovation.

Finally, we will use a creative thinking framework, and a set of tools with which, during the session, you can work on a key issue/opportunity for you, emerging with some exciting and innovative new ways to approach it!

Learning outcomes

By the end of the event you will have:

  • Developed the mindset and behaviours that encourage innovation
  • Built a toolkit for getting creative with your team
  • Formulated some fresh ideas to solve a tricky problem

โ€œClaireโ€™s session was energising โ€“ I got more than I expected!โ€


Who should attend?

This will appeal to people at all levels of an organisation โ€“ to anyone who likes to have fun with their work, challenge received wisdom and bring fresh thinking and vitality to themselves and to their colleagues! Innovation happens everywhere!

Come along ready to get into your โ€˜right brainโ€™ and play with your innate creative thinking abilities.


Claire Hewitt- Henley Business School Finland

Claire Hewitt is Head of Learning Design at Henley Business School. She works with faculty and other expert contributors to design innovative learning programmes that achieve clientsโ€™ strategic goals. She specialises in innovation and creativity, leadership, coaching and organisational change.

She is an executive coach and graduate of Henleyโ€™s MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change. Claire delivers on customised programmes for high-profile clients. Her background is in marketing and innovation, where she worked for Marks and Spencer, Mars and British Airports Authority (BAA), among others.

How do I book?

This event is exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership. To book please contact your HR or Learning and Development team at your organisation.

Unsure who to contact? Please do not hesitate to contact us at thp@henley.ac.uk

For this event, up to 3 places per member organisation are available. ‘Up to’ indicates the maximum number per member organisation, it is not an allocation of places. All places are subject to availability at the time of booking.


This events primary theme is strategy and innovation and the secondary theme is personal effectiveness.

It is relevant to the development of innovation, creativity, mindset, inspiration, thinking, reflect, behaviours, trust.

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