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Henley Challenges: Global talent for transformation

Bookings are now open for the next Henley Challenges. Join us on 15 April as we explore Global Talent for Transformation, in partnership with the Centre for China Management and Global Business, led by the esteemed Professor Yipeng Liu

We are living in uncertain, disruptive and challenging times. Both the Global North (e.g. the UK Office for Talent, launched in 2020) and Global South (e.g. Africa Union 2063, Chinaโ€™s Talent Strategy) are engaged in fierce competition to attract and cultivate the best talent as they seek to gain the upper hand in boosting innovation and promoting economic recovery and growth, and entrepreneurship in the post COVID-19 future. Global talent mobility has fundamentally reshaped business and society in both advanced (e.g. Silicon Valley) and emerging economies (e.g. China). High-growth companies founded by global talent, in particular, contribute to the economic growth by creating decent work and innovation opportunities.

What is Henley Challenges?

Established in 2020 Henley Challenges is a multi-day activity including a faculty webinar, online group work and group presentation.

After the webinar, you will form working groups to explore the topic in more depth, bringing your own perspectives. Together you will explore the question โ€˜How can we identify and develop global talent for high-growth companies?โ€™

In our second session on 27th May, each group will present their thoughts and findings to all and receive feedback from Professor Yipeng. If you have a colleague or friend who you feel could bring something to the discussion, or who could really benefit from this session, please do share the details with them.


All times on the agenda are UK time.

Session 1: Thursday 15 April

  • 10.00 โ€“ 11.00: Webinar with Professor Yipeng Liu
  • 11.00 โ€“ 11.30: Divide into groups and discuss the topics, share own experiences and arrange your next group meeting

Between 15 April and 27 May 2021

  • Meet with your group and discuss the topic further โ€“ dates and times to be arranged between you
  • Prepare a group presentation and choose presenter(s)

Session 2: Thursday 27 May

  • 10.00 โ€“ 11.00Groups present to Professor Yipeng Liu and the rest of the groups to show their findings, ideas and any further questions raised

The speaker

Professor Yipeng Liu is a Professor in Management and Organisation Studies at Henley Business School. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences; the Academyโ€™s Fellowship is made up of distinguished individuals from academic, public and private sectors, across the full breadth of the social sciences

Yipeng’s research interests centre on international entrepreneurship, global talent management and the emerging market multinationals global strategy from a cross-cultural and comparative perspective by embracing the notion of ‘West-Meets-East’. He believes that exploring the social mechanisms and illuminating the multi-faceted human side factors of micro-foundations in an international context can advance management and organisation studies in important ways. His research has been funded by the British Academy, Leverhulme Trust and others.

Niina Tuttavainen - Henley Business School Finland

Niina Tuttavainen

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