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Coaching Webinar – Career Coaching: Helping Clients to Make Good Career Choices


Most of us will spend around 90,000 hours at work over the course of a working lifetime, so taking time to make good career choices is definitely time well spent. Career planning is one of the most common topics covered in coaching sessions, and for coaches who are regularly discussing career issues with their clients, it is useful to understand how people make career choices and the processes of career change. In this session Julia will give an overview of the latest understanding of what makes people happy at work and how people make good career decisions.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be relevant for all professionals who are involved in supporting othersโ€™ career development, including executive and life coaches, HR professionals and those in leadership and management roles.


By attending this event live, you will receive 1 CCEU unit from the ICF and 1 CPD hour from the AC.

The fee for the webinar is ยฃ30 (incl. VAT) (10% discount for Henley alumni; free for Coaching Centre members).

The speaker: Dr Julia Yates

Dr Julia Yates is a senior lecturer at City, University of London, and runs the MSc in Organisational Psychology. In 2011 she set up the worldโ€™s first MSc in Career Coaching, at the University of East London, and in 2014 published the first academic textbook on career coaching, The Career Coaching Handbook, bringing career development theories together with coaching approaches and techniques. Julia continues to write and speak widely on the links between coaching and career development.

โ€œI attended the NICEC conference today and your session at the end of the day was so energising. The techniques you talked through really resonated with me and your passion and energy around what you were sharing was palpable.โ€


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