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Coaching for elite performance

Does life emulate sport, or sport emulate life? In the case of elite performance both are true.

At this year’s conference, we will draw parallels and observe differences between elite sports coaching and business coaching. Both aim to optimise the performance of the individual – but their contexts require a range of approaches, tools and styles. And each can learn from the other.

Our keynote speakers coach for elite performance in the arena of disability sport – we will get a first-hand insight into the unique challenges of coaching to compete against the world’s best – and how this has moulded the coach’s behaviours in response to those challenges. The speakers present both the coach’s and the athlete’s viewpoints as they explore together how to engender key business qualities of resilience and ability to successfully manage pressure, whilst executing objectives and delivering performance.

The mind-body connection in performing is strong, and we bring a deeper understanding of their relationship, which will help you to help your clients to manage stress levels, build resistance and reach full performance potential. The conference also brings you the chance to engage with some of the darker forces at work in performance, and proposes some practical tools for your personal coaching practice to overcome them. And then you need to look after yourself. Coaches frequently become coaches in order to look after others – but here you will have an opportunity to take stock of your well-being, identify the tell-tale signs of well-being depletion, and find out how to take care of yourself as a coaching professional.

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Event fee: £250 + VAT (10% discount for Henley Alumni)

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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