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Case Huhtamaki: Sustainability incentive schemes

Driving the work for a more sustainable future

The work to stop climate change and nature loss is accelerating at an unseen speed right now. Social responsibility is in the headlines almost every day. Companies, governments, organizations and citizens are taking action.

Companiesโ€™ ESG targets are nothing new, but one key piece is often missing. Without a proper incentive scheme to steer the work towards the targeted direction, the right actions might not happen. At worst, employeesโ€™ incentives are in direct conflict with the ESG targets, and the company ends up talking but not acting with greenwashing as the result.

Lately, this gap has become increasingly visible and forerunner companies have started to integrate their sustainability targets into their incentive schemes. However, this is not an easy task, and it is quite tricky to set up a sustainability incentive scheme so that it serves its purpose. We are now seeing the first examples of how this ambitious work is being done in practice.

Henley Alumni has the privilege to present one of these examples to our alumni network. At this 5 o’clock tea Jyrki Ivars, VP, Compensation & Benefits, at Huhtamaki Corporation will share his views and experience in setting up incentives to support Huhtamakiโ€™s sustainability targets. The discussion is moderated by Henley alumni Michaela Ramm-Schmidt, Managing Director at Baltic Sea Action Group.

Jyrki Ivars is currently responsible for Total Rewards in Huhtamaki. He has more than 20 yearsโ€™ experience in HR, mostly in the area of Total Rewarding, in Europe and the Middle East across different industries.

Pour yourself a tea, or beverage of your choice, and join us for a lively discussion at the Henley 5 o’clock tea! Save your seat by registering now as the session is limited to 30 participants. Please note this event is for Henley Alumni only.

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