25 April 2019
Posted in by Sabine Doms

Wouldn’t it be nice if an Executive MBA could be tailored to your needs?

Most Executive MBAs (EMBAs) are quite inflexible – and don’t quite match today’s professional requirements or personal needs. But at Henley, flexibility is foundational to our programmes and approach. That’s why we have designed our EMBA programme to be unique when it comes to tailoring the content, choosing workshop locations or even taking a break if circumstances require.

Content is king

When you undertake something as important as an Executive MBA, it’s nice to know that you can tailor the content of each module to match your area of professional specialisation, and your individual or organisational development needs. If you’re in healthcare, for example, Henley allows you to approach the learning modules from that particular perspective. You’ll have the freedom to choose the most relevant frameworks and theories to put into practise within your particular work for the kind of results you’re targeting.

This is exactly what modern organisations require – professionals with the skills to understand complexity, identify challenges and then apply different frameworks or theories with relevant tools for specific development areas within a company.

Location is everything

Perhaps you’d like to have more diversity in your studies or make them more international. Perhaps you are unable to attend a workshop at your own location. With the Henley EMBA – Global, you have a choice of location.

For no extra programme cost, Henley gives you the opportunity to attend workshops wherever it suits you best at one of our other Henley locations abroad. This is an easy way to work around schedule challenges, broaden your horizons and become more globally aware of businesses similar to your own. You’ll meet new people, build an international business network, learn new ways of working and gain new perspectives.

Give yourself a break

Find yourself confronted with a difficult challenge at work or in your private life? Henley gives you the flexibility to take a break, if needed. In fact, you also have the possibility to complete the Henley EMBA – Global in three stages: certificate, diploma and master’s degree. Signing up for the certificate, you’re only committing yourself for the next 10 months. Thereafter, you can choose whether to continue with the diploma or master’s degree.

At Henley, we believe there’s never the “right time” for an MBA. But if you don’t start now, you may never get started. With our programme, however, you’ve got the flexibility to tailor your learning journey in a way that suits you best. One piece at a time or all at once.


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