Digital transformation 2025

Date: 23 October 2019

Elisa Videra

Time: 16:00 - 20:00

Kaarlenkatu 11, 00101 Helsinki

Are you ready for robots to rise?

Disruptive technologies reshape industries and markets in unprecedented ways and at extraordinary speeds. Dr Nidhi Singh, Director of Research at Elisa Corporation, opens this MasterClass by talking about the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on different sectors of the industry. She will specifically explain how current innovations in the field of AI might affect different industry sectors, and consequently, which sectors are likely to experience a major overhaul in the next five years.

Organisations that succeed are those that adapt rapidly to new opportunities and challenges. Rather than seeing threats they recognise disruptive technologies are a competitive advantage.

71% of organisational tasks are currently performed by humans, 29% by machines. In five years’ time this distribution will become 58% tasks performed by humans, 42% by machines.

This shift in the distribution of tasks requires an adequate management response; jobs redesigned and effective management of the new hybrid workforce, where humans interact with intelligent automation robots. It’s the responsibility of leaders to prepare human workers for this cooperation with automated systems.

This Masterclass, delivered by Professor Ben Laker of Henley Business School, advises on an insightful response and change management approach to deal sensibly with change; providing you techniques on how to manage the transformation including

  • The importance of management and organisational agility,
  • How to lead a split workforce (human & robotic),
  • How to get over our (human) fears.

This MasterClass is for managers and leaders interested in leveraging emerging technologies.



16:00Sign up and refreshments
16:30Welcome words
Pasi Mäenpää, Videra CEO & Executive Vice President at Elisa Corporation
Annu Matula, Managing Director at Henley Business School Finland
16:45Can AI make your business redundant in the next five years?
Dr Nidhi Singh, Director of Research at Elisa Corporation
Leadership 4.0: Rise of the machines, Part 1
Professor Ben Laker, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School
18:30Networking break
19:00Leadership 4.0: Rise of the machines, Part 2
Professor Ben Laker, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School


Keynote speakers

Professor Ben Laker

Ben is a renowned scholar and university educator who provides academic direction and leadership to research, executive development and education within the subject area of leadership at Henley Business School. He is highly experienced at leading engagements with executives of Fortune 500 firms, having served clients including Apple, American Express, Cisco and Lloyds Banking Group for more than a decade. His scholarly output appears in world-class academic and practitioner journals, including the Harvard Business Review and Washington Post, informs government policy, and shapes how thousands of organisations around the world are managed and led. He is retained by the BBC, Bloomberg and Sky News to provide expert commentary on business, economic and political affairs.


Dr Nidhi Singh

Nidhi is Director of Research at Elisa Corporation in Helsinki. Prior to joining Elisa, she held various R&D and management positions at Zalando SE, Intel Security, Xerox Research, and IBM. Her focus is on applying machine learning for solving large-scale industry problems in different domains like digital assistants for customer service, online fraud detection in e-commerce, cloud security, and energy optimisation for data centres. She received her Ph.D. in computer science, and has been a reviewer for a number of premier AI conferences and journals.


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NOTE: Physical attendance to the event is limited to 80 persons. In case a registration for physical attendance will be cancelled after 16 October 2019 or the registered person doesn’t arrive to the event, a cancellation fee of 50€ will be charged from the person registered.

MasterClass 23.10.2019: Digital transformation 2025

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    For this event, we offer the option to participate online via Elisa Videra Cloud Connect. Please choose your form of participation!
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