Black Lives Matter – Relevance to Finnish businesses

Date: 25.11.2020


Time: 17:00 - 18:00


The reactions to what happened to George Floyd are strong in the U.S., anger and riots have spread across the country. Even though we in Finland are geographically far away, and the U.S. societal context differs considerably from ours, his killing should not go unnoticed by any Finnish business leader. It would be a mistake to think of what happened to George Floyd as merely a racist act, taking place in another context, and thus something unrelated to our lives in Finland. Even though we may not witness similar levels of racist violence, the same hurtful dynamics play out in our society every day: in our workplaces, in the streets, and in schools. What is our responsibility as leaders?

Emma Jelley, Leadership Coach at Jelleyworks, and Jonna Louvrier, Founder of Includia Leadership, will be presenting current research about the experience of black people in Finnish working life and discuss certain terminology related to racism. They will also share the usefulness of adopting a growth mindset as well as some practical things companies can do to advance racial equity.

The session will give room for plenty of discussion and exchange around the topic.

The session is limited to 30 participants.

Pour yourself a tea, or beverage of your choice, and join us for a lively discussion!


This event is organised by Henley Business School Finland.

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