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To look at things differently, have a listen.

Leading Edge is a new series of podcasts from Henley Business School. Thomas Mason, business journalist is joined by some of our leading academics to explore and challenge their approaches and perceptions of what successful leadership should and could look like.

Welcome to the Leading Edge.

 Leading Edge: Diversity - Henley Business School Finland

Episode 1: My boss is a robot – help!

Ben Laker gives his, mostly positive, perspective on the prediction that there will be a half-human half-digital workforce by 2025. 


Episode 2: Diversity: it's not only skin-deep

Claire Collins expands our understanding of diversity and explains why business leaders need to start thinking about their biases and doing things differently.

Leading Edge - Leadership Jazz - Henley Business School Leading Edge podcast - Henley Business School

Episode 3: Leadership Jazz: finding the right note when there is no plan

David Pendleton talks about dealing more effectively with the unpredictable and how music can inspire your response.


Episode 4: Board to Death: why companies fail

Andrew Kakabadse discusses why communication between senior management and company boards is not as it should be.


Episode 5: Coming 26 May

Karen Jansen discusses her four types of fit and why ‘the right fit’ is something organisations should strive for on an ongoing basis not just at recruitment.


Episode 6: Coming 2 June

What is gig leadership?


About the host

Thomas Mason is a BBC reporter with a specialist interest in tech, business and politics. Thomas has a background as a project manager and marketing consultant, and also writes leadership and management articles for LinkedIn Influencers.

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