A life-changing experience.

An enriching experience that will connect you to global business and a worldwide network. You’ll find it one of the most worthwhile investments in yourself that you can make. Join MBA info meeting

Why study a MBA at Henley?

Our MBA programmes provide multiple benefits, to you and your company:

  • Master’s degree from an internationally recognised business school with triple-accredited status
  • Life-changing experience due to strong focus on both personal leadership and management capabilities
  • Highly international experience, including study content, teaching faculty and students
  • Truly rewarding learning journey with other experienced managers
  • Nine relevant assignments develop your organisation from day one
  • Online access to tens of thousands academic and industry study resources supporting your business and studies
  • Improved academic and business English fluency
  • Substitute workshops in other overseas offices
  • Study breaks allowed, if other commitments in life change

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