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Henley Business School - Head of Alumni Board - Ella Haapiainen

Ella Haapiainen (Head of Board)


Ella Haapiainen is the Country Manager of Partners & Ecosystems at IBM Finland. She and her team work closely with their partners to help them reach optimal business value and support them in meeting and exceeding existing and new business demands through the use of IBM technology. Prior to this role, Ella was Managing Director of IBM Global Finance Finland Oy, which has a special focus on financing information technology and services. She has held various sales and management positions at IBM, Microsoft and Rational Software, and has also been an entrepreneur. Ella is passionate about what she is doing and this makes her style of working energetic and engaging. Her core business competencies include leadership, coaching and corporate economics. Ella is inspired by people, nature, wildlife and digital magic. She graduated from Henley Business School with an MBA in 2008.

Tiina Kupila-Rantala

CSC - IT Centre for Science

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Henley Business School - alumni - Jules Lajola

Jules Lajola

International Business Executive

Jules Lajola is an international Business Executive, Consultant and former entrepreneur with experience in managing service and high-tech companies, professional service firms and other business ventures. His industry experience varies from engineering, product and service development, manufacturing and production, and software to marketing and services. For the past 16 years, Jules held several senior executive positions. He has experience in start-ups, growth and mature businesses, and a proven track record of challenging business turnarounds and transformation cases. Jules is a successful business negotiator and a deal closer, with stakeholder management experience from over 15 countries worldwide. He has a can-do attitude with a high-level professional grip and a dynamic approach towards pressing issues. Jules holds an MSc from the University of Reading, an MBA from Henley Business School. He is currently a doctorate research associate for a DBA at the University of Reading.

Henley Business School Finland - Head of Alumni Board - Harri Leinikka

Harri Leinikka

T-Media Oy

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Henley Business School Finland - Head of Alumni Board - Mia Mantere

Mia Mantere

Wakaru Oy

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Henley Business School Finland - Head of Alumni Board - Christoph Radonat

Christoph Raudonat

International Conference Services (ICS) Ltd.

Christoph Raudonat is the Director of Associations at ICS Ltd., a Vancouver-Based Professional Congress Organiser and Association Management Company. In his job, he works with boards of professional associations to foster organisational awareness and to address relevant roles of management appropriately.
Chris looks back at over 15 years in international management positions including a position as Board member at the European Society of Association Executives. Apart from engaging himself to develop adequate tools for future strategies and integrated leadership, he is specialised in integrated management approaches, organisational behaviour and facilitation at industry events, board & leadership meetings. Always looking to learn more, he plans to still obtain the Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching as well as a DBA.
Chris obtained his Henley MBA in 2013 and is proud to be part of the Henley network. He is looking forward to serve on the Henley Finland Alumni Board and support the networks efforts.

Henley Business School - alumni - Kati Repo

Kati Repo

KREAM Helsinki

Kati Repo is a Legal Counsel, Business Development in KREAM Helsinki, a highly creative company specialising in intellectual property commercialisation. She holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki. Prior to joining KREAM Helsinki, she has gained solid professional experience from working as a corporate lawyer in the telecommunication, electronics and the industrial sectors. Kati has worked in both listed and non-listed companies, and also served as the secretary of the board in a listed company. She also worked for several years as the international group’s sole lawyer at Efore Plc, after which she joined Lite-On Mobile Corporation. In her leisure time, Kati enjoys art, music and culture, and in particular the art of theatre – both as a spectator and occasionally also on stage. She graduated from Henley Business School with an MBA degree in 2012.

Anne Whellams Henley Business School

Anne Whellams

F-Innova Associates Oy

Anne Whellams is currently working as a Specialist Advisor for the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. She is also Managing Director and owner of F-Innova Associates Oy, a management consultancy with special focus on public sector transformation. Anne has extensive experience in developing and applying innovative consultancy and research methodologies in practice to inform and evaluate policy-making, service improvement and organisational development. She has over 20 years of experience in health and social care and has worked as an entrepreneur in Finland and the UK for the past eleven years. Anne has a clinical background and her academic background is in Health Studies at the University of West London. She graduated from Henley Business School with an MBA in September 2016.

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