The programme combines the theoretical and real-world knowledge of our academics. It provides practical applied learning with the aim of bringing business to life, ensuring a rigorous and rounded learning experience. Watch MBA video

Learning experience

Our approach to learning involves a high level of face-to-face interaction with academics and peers, individual contribution, group collaboration as well as personal development, leadership and professional development, and coaching.

We understand in your career, you may have already ‘been there, done that.’ This supports our belief that the most meaningful insights come from learning by doing. We organise our teaching around real-world dilemmas and business choices.

Those who work while studying for their Henley Executive MBA (EMBA) – Global are able to add impressive work to their portfolios while giving back significant value to their employers. The knowledge and skills you develop from our highly practical programme can be applied immediately in the workplace. Assessed assignments can be based on current issues, creating a valuable contribution to your organisation.

The Henley EMBA – Global provides tangible, significant and enduring skills, knowledge and connections.


Henley puts the emphasis on collaboration rather than competition. Henley’s global EMBA is highly participative – we value both individual contributions and team-based learning. Programme members come from a range of different sectors, with diverse skills and cultural orientations, which inevitably creates challenges for teams along the way.

Personal development

At Henley, we recognise that one of your key objectives is to develop yourself as an individual. We work with your strengths to develop and hone management skills and prepare for the challenges of senior leadership in a global market. We see personal development as the backbone of our programme, not only as a module to be studied separately. Therefore, there is also a continuous element of personal development to support you through your journey.

Career, leadership and professional development

The Henley EMBA – Global provides plenty of opportunities for career, leadership and professional development. As well as IQ, great leaders require emotional, cultural and political intelligence – they also need the skills to enable transformative change by inspiring others to operate at their best and to win the hearts and minds of their employees and clients. We want our graduates to be masters of their own destiny, take career ownership, and have the confidence to lead in a way in which is authentic to them.


Coaching will play a significant role in your journey to become a better leader. A pool of internationally certified executive coaches will support you through a series of individual coaching sessions in your personal and leadership development, and help you to reach your full potential. During these sessions, you will learn to strategise improvement and take a structured approach to personal and career development, gaining the maximum personal learning from every experience.

Academic Tutors

During your studies, you will be supported by our Academic Tutors. They work closely with you to support you in every aspect of your learning and personal development efforts, and help you progress through the programme.

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Learning journey

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