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Innovative, challenging and highly effective programmes to enhance individual performance.

Strategic Management programmes

Our Strategic Management programmes offer the latest insights from strategy formulation, through strategy execution and strategy change management. All programmes are conducted at Henley Business School in the UK with clients attending from all over the world offering a rich learning experience.


Developing Management Practice programme

Developing Management Practice

Your journey to inspirational leadership. The art of management is a valuable and often under-developed skill.  When exceptional functional performers are promoted to team or project manager they immediately need to draw on new skills to succeed.  Managers that have been in their role for some years and are good performers may not receive development for themselves, as a manager and as an individual looking to push their career forward.  Whichever scenario you identify with, our Developing Management Practice programme will be the beginning of a personal development journey.

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Advanced Management Practice programme

Advanced Management Practice

A comprehensive development journey for the ambitious senior manager. Addressing the needs of today’s organisations and executives, the Advanced Management Practice programme is no ordinary leadership and management programme. It has been designed to provide managers, and their organisation, with a competitive edge in today’s uncertain and complex business landscape.

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Strategy and Enterprise Architecture programme

Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

The Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Programme evaluates the challenges from the viewpoint of key stakeholders. It addresses how to develop a winning enterprise model through understanding the business strategy and enhancing the ability to design agile business and IT processes for long lasting and high performance.

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GDPR Transition programme

GDPR Transition

Developed in partnership with GO DPO® in response to the biggest shake up in European data protection and privacy for over two decades, this programme prepares you to take the necessary steps to protect business continuity and strengthen organisational reputation.

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Strategy programme


The Strategy programme enables leaders to create strategies that are based on market-insight, that challenge and support the corporate strategy and ensure every individual can identify their role in the success of the business. It is underpinned by rigorous research, supported academically but always delivered from a practitioner’s point of view.

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