The Integrated Leader

Realise your full potential as individual, manager and organisational leader

The Integrated Leader

From self-awareness to systemic leadership

The Integrated Leader programme is a dynamic programme of self-discovery and awareness. It is an opportunity for experienced managers and leaders with a curiosity for self- and system understanding to attain new depth in both professional and personal fields.

The 4.5-day programme, comprising of two modules, combines the areas of self-awareness and systemic leadership to allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their impact on others, and to take a wide-angle lens view at organisational issues for a lasting resolution of complex challenges.

It is designed to catalyse fresh insights and information at an individual and organisational level. Insights that can be translated into tangible differences when taken back into the day-to-day working life of participants.

The Integrated Leader programme provides a unique space to learn in a safe and facilitated environment alongside experienced participants from a variety of industry and backgrounds. Above all, it is a rare chance to stop and look at things differently.

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Who is the programme for?

The Integrated Leader programme is for experienced managers and leaders with a deep interest in continuous personal development and growth. It is also designed for individuals who are encountering challenges or managing change and transition in career or life, responsible for taking themselves or an organisation from one phase to another.

Key facts

Programme dates and location:
To be announced

Programme fee: 4,100€* (+ VAT 24%)

* The programme fee includes learning materials, and coffee breaks and lunches during the programme days. Accommodation in Henley, UK, as well as dinner and travel costs are excluded.


Module 1: Finding purpose and leading change

The first module is a facilitated opportunity to stop and think, look at things from a different perspective, and to learn from others. It focuses on building a deeper self-awareness in support of leadership effectiveness.

Facilitated by Dr Chris Dalton, subject area leader for Personal Development at Henley Business School, the module devotes time to reflection on values and beliefs, and gives space for sense-making – beginning with one’s own personal narrative and identity. Equally, you will learn from the journeys of others. You will also receive insights and fresh awareness of the relationship between the self and environment, and learn to set objectives for personal growth and leadership development.

The Integrated Leader – Henley Business School


Module 2: Insight, clarity and new direction

Systemic constellations reveal the underlying dynamics and patterns that both limit and resource leaders, teams and whole organisations. Through a facilitated process, you will create unique three-dimensional living maps of issues or challenges, so that you can see how lasting change can begin and endure.

Facilitated by John Whittington, a pioneer in this area, this module will lead you to building a different and wider awareness in support of the whole system flow and health. You will learn to access the intuitive mind in order to see the hidden patterns, loyalties and dynamics of your organisation. You will receive insights, new information and fresh direction around individual and organisational issues.

The Integrated Leader – Henley Business School


Benefits to the individual

  • Time and space for reflection and sense-making, allowing you to become more self-aware and pave the way for continuous personal development and growth
  • Exploration of the hidden dynamics in relationship systems, allowing participants to illuminate the dynamics and patterns that limit and resource leaders, teams and whole organisations
  • Provision of fresh insights, clarity and direction around individual and organisational issues

Benefits to the organisation

  • Comprehensive development process for experienced managers and leaders to become more self-aware and increase their leadership effectiveness
  • Provision of a deep-dive into organisational constellations to offer rich insights and clarity on directions, responsibilities and actions around individual and organisational issues

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The Integrated Leader – Henley Business School

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