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Boardroom Skills programme

The Boardroom Skills programme gives a real view of what it means to be an effective board member. In addition to the necessary technical knowledge, it will show you how to engage fully with all stakeholders and add sustainable value to your business.

Informed by research with top teams globally

Following extensive research, Programme Director Professor Andrew Kakabadse has collated one of the biggest databases of boards in the world – from 43 countries including China, Russia, Middle East and the USA. His research acknowledges the importance of compliance and governance but also shows the significant role of stewardship. In addition, his research suggests that the vast majority of boards are not respected by their managers, and only 20% of global corporations operate with a truly ethical approach. And yet ethical organisations are statistically more likely to perform better in the medium- to long-term, and appear to suffer no commercial disadvantage even in the short-term.

This research informs the Boardroom Skills programme. Furthermore, we do not teach a single solution or approach to being a board member. We believe that each board is unique and the environment they operate within is complex, and therefore board members need to be equipped to understand, diagnose and respond to their own specific challenges.

Programme participants will benefit from Professor Kakabadse’s extensive knowledge and experience, considering the additional insight this gives into their own board scenarios.

Who is the Boardroom Skills programme for?

Current board members, individuals who have ambitions of becoming board members or who work with board members, including Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors. The programme is also suited to company secretaries dealing with boards and legal counsels.

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Programme content

This 2-day programme provides a toolbox of vital skills and leadership capabilities, debunking the myths and helping you to understand what it really means to be a board member.

Gain knowledge on specific topics concerning board structure and responsibilities

  • The composition, role and dynamics of boards: the nature and complexities of board dynamics, director relationships and their effect on the functioning of the board
  • The reason for the growing importance of boards
  • Board diversity

Engage in discussion around strategic performance

  • How boards add value
  • How to engage fully with all stakeholders
  • When boards become dysfunctional: your capability to influence and effectively manage board relations
  • Your organisation’s competitive advantage and how to maximise it
  • Governance and its role in sustainable success
  • The critical contribution of stewardship
  • The importance of corporate, social and community responsibility and reputation

The Boardroom Skills programme will give you a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become an effective board member and equip you with the skills and knowledge to create high-performing boards in global and complex environments.

Programme benefits

Benefits to the individual

The Boardroom Skills programme delivers both the technical knowledge needed to understand and succeed in the board member role, and individual development around soft skills to address the challenges. You will develop the knowledge, skills and awareness to inspire and lead others to fulfil their individual and collective potential. The programme will enable you to understand how to add value and find competitive advantage, recognise the value of sustainability versus financial return and to understand how to trade effectively through a range of dilemmas and challenges operating in a global and complex environment.

Benefits to the organisation

Better board members create more effective boards, which in turn improves performance and gives all stakeholders greater value. Your board members will fully understand their roles and obligations, and appreciate the value of inspiring closer team working and shared goals. Through so doing, your organisation will benefit from greater loyalty, retention and productivity.

Key facts

Programme length:
2 days

Programme dates and location:
22 – 23 April 2021, Helsinki

Programme fee: 2,500€* (+ VAT 24%), 10% discount for Henley alumni

* The programme fee includes learning materials, and coffee breaks and lunches during the programme days.

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