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Executive Education programmes

Founded in 1945 in response to a unique and previously unidentified need to train managers for greater responsibility, Henley Business School has led a transformation in attitudes and education which has taken decades and with an outlook on how business continues to evolve throughout the 21st century – truly created by business for business.

Henley Business School is known for transforming individuals and organisations – through expert teaching, results-oriented partnerships and cutting-edge research. The Financial Times ranking results place Henley Business School continuously in the top 25 in the world for executive education programmes.

Our executive education programmes allow individuals the time and space to reflect and develop skills, capabilities and behaviours. At Henley, the drive to unlock potential and help deliver exceptional performance is at the heart of everything we do.

The Henley approach is highly practical, collaborative and academically rigorous. A blend of coaching, experiential learning and practitioner support and insight are underpinned by academic theory and research.

We develop confident leaders and professionals who are able to take a fresh perspective and have the energy, capability and resilience to ensure that they and their organisations are successful.

Executive Education

Henley's Executive Education programmes

Our Executive Education offering includes customised programmes, open programmes and coaching programmes.

Customised programmes

Uniquely designed, transformational programmes for organisations to drive business impact. Whether your leaders are executing strategy or strengthening operational capability, our customised solutions can help unleash the full potential of the individual, team and wider organisation. Our customised programmes are delivered in-house to your organisation.


Open programmes

Innovative, challenging and highly effective programmes to enhance individual performance. Henley started the management development revolution, and we remain at the forefront; nurturing great people to fulfil their potential, and fuelling organisational success in an increasingly complex and challenging environment. Most of our open programmes are conducted at Henley Business School in the UK with clients attending from all over the world offering a rich learning experience, but selected programmes are also offered in Finland. We can as well deliver open programmes in-house to your organisation, anywhere in the world.


Coaching programmes

Executive coaching has become a significant and influential part of the learning and development strategy of many organisations worldwide. We help managers and coaches to improve the professionalism and quality of their personal coaching skills and to gain a professional qualification from an internationally respected business school. Our coaching programmes are conducted at Henley Business School in the UK with clients attending from all over the world.

Our programmes are designed for every stage of individual and organisational development: delivering short-term impact and long-term transformation.

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